11 Stylish Vegan Backpacks For Herbivores On The Move — PHOTOS

Finding a sturdy yet fashionable backpack can be tricky at the best of times, but when you're looking for stylish vegan backpacks in which cart all your stuff around in, it's a whole new ball game. Speaking from experience, being a vegan and a lover of all things sartorial often comes with a unique set of challenges. But your politics or dietary needs and preferences shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion.

Being a vegan typically means you don't consume any animal products; but for many of us, it also means we don't use any items derived from animals, either. Depending on the individual, this could mean not purchasing materials like wool or silk, steering clear of leather products, and not supporting any industries that are known to harm animals. Or any combination of all of the above.

To make life a little easier for any other fashion conscious vegans out there, or anyone looking to move away from wearing animal products, here's a selection of awesome vegan backpacks for when you're on the move or just want to let your inner '90s kid shine. Whether you're a minimalist, a lover of all things bright and bold, or an embroidery aficionado, there's a cruelty-free bag for you.

1. The Drawstring Design

Mumbai In "Mist," $135, mattandnat.com

A classic drawstring design is an easy way to store your stuff when you're out and about. The flap on the top should keep the opening concealed and your belongings secure.

2. The Futuristic Backpack

Rio Bag In "Red\Beige," $150, me-dusa.com

This quirky backpack, featuring futuristic bobbles on the bottom, reminds me of something that The Fifth Element's Leeloo would wear, especially in this bright color-way.

3. The Chic Cream Bag

Freedom Of Animals Sand Mara Backpack, $360, shopethica.com

This cruelty-free, cream backpack is an elegant way to hold your belongings.

4. The Trendy Tote Design

Kylie Tote/Backpack By Big Buddha, $70, veganchic.com

Choose to use this trendy backpack as a tote or a rucksack, depending on how much you're carrying.

5. The Feminine Fuchsia Style

Lawrence In "Fuchsia," $125, mattandnat.com

Make a pretty statement with this bright pink backpack featuring a quirky front zip closure. Don't worry, your valuables will stay safely hidden in the security pocket on the back.

6. The Professional Backpack

Gray Vegan Backpack, $96+, Etsy

Go for a sleek and professional look with this gray backpack or jazz it up a little with an additional, adorable doll charm. When you buy this bag, you get 50 percent off a cute charm.

7. The Satchel Style

Poly Backpack In "Black/Burgandy," $185, me-dusa.com

Channel back to school cool with a nostalgic satchel style backpack.

8. The Modern Monochrome Design

White And Black Backpack, $110, Etsy

Go for a minimalistic vibe with a black and white backpack, which is bound to go with everything.

9. The Edgy Rucksack

Black Vegan Backpack, $69, Etsy

This simplistic, square rucksack is enhanced with a couple of quirky buckle fastenings that give this bag an androgynous feel.

10. The Bold Boxy Backpack

Brave In "Bordeaux," $135, mattandnat.com

Red is a bold choice of color and when paired with this contemporary design, the overall package will make for a serious statement accessory.

11. The Designer Backpack

Blue Falabella Shaggy Deer Backpack, $1,295, Stella McCartney

There comes a time in life when you deserve a treat and this luxurious Stella McCartney backpack should definitely fit the bill. Don't let its name fool you: This bag is 100 percent polyester and the lining is made of recycled plastic bottles. Plus, it's totally beautiful.

These stylish items prove that you can have an attractive, high quality backpack without sacrificing your personal beliefs.

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Images: Courtesy Brands