7 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Theories About Bran Stark, Because He's Been Gone A Long Time

I wasn't incredibly worried when we didn't see Bran in Season 5 of Game of Thrones. As far as I'm concerned, no news is good news in Westeros. News tends to lead to brutal death, or blinding, or forced marriage to a psychopath. No news leads to nothing, which is at least not something. But Bran is most certainly not benched this season, actor Isaac Hempstead Wright is definitely in Season 6 according to his interview with Entertainment Weekly, and a brand new trailer that just dropped. So he'll be in the season, but what does that mean? What could happen to Bran in season 6 of Game of Thrones ? Whatever it is, could it not be heartbreaking and devastating for once? Because, hey you GoT showrunners out there, that would be really great for a change. I don't know how much more pain my lil heart can take.

When we last saw Branny in Season 4 he was on a quest with the Reeds and Hodor to meet the three-eyed raven. When he finally meets the raven, our bird-wizard-humanoid friend tells Bran he will fly and the raven will train him. How can he fly if he doesn't have legs or the ability as a human to do so? Warging, duh.

So we left Bran there, up past the wall where he's probably truning into the great master of the warg of all time. But where will that leave him in season 6? Let's dive in, shall we?

1. He's Going To Use His Powers To Figure Out Jon Snow


There's a theory that Jon Snow's mom and pops are Rhaegar and Ned's sister, Lyssa, known as R+L=J. Bran can see backwards and forwards, so maybe he's going to use this information that Jon Snow is technically next in line to throne to get Jon on the throne.

2. He's Going To Save Somebody With Weirwood Trees


In A Dance With Dragons, Bran's got some weird connects with the trees near the Stark stronghold of Winterfell. He actually manages to connect with the Heart Tree. Maybe this power will be explored in this season and he'll use it to bust somebody out of whatever prison they find themselves in. Sansa, anybody?

3. Hodor Is A Minion Of Rhllor The Red God Sent To Help Bran


Not much is known about the stableboy Hodor except that his real name is Walder, his great-grandmother was Old Nan, and his mother died during childbirth. He is called Hodor because that's all he can say. But what if that's his way of pronouncing Rhllor, and he was saved from death at birth by the god to someday assist Bran? Maybe this season we will figure out Hodor's backstory and how he's supposed to help Bran.

4. He's Going To Save Jon Snow


Yea, Jon Snow definitely looked dead at the end of Season 5, but what if Bran warg'd into his body and walked that body over to a doctor? Or Mellisandre. Someone who could help Jon Snow not die?

5. He Did Some Serious Time-Traveling & Is Actually Every Brandon Stark


This one's a little whacky, but it's just crazy enough to be true. This comes from reddit user defghljklol who makes the theory that Bran has just been changing up history for by actually warging into every other Brandon Stark in the family. Maybe this season is the season that sort of time-traveling will go down? GoT cast Sebastian Croft as a young Ned Stark, so time traveling isn't completely out of the question.

6. He Did Even Weirder Time-Traveling And Warg'd Into Jaime Lannister


Maybe in this season we'll find out that Bran time-traveled and jumped into Jaime's body on that fateful day and pushed himself out the window so he could get the powers to change the course of the world? I just really like the idea of Bran being in control of a lot, he's such an unexpected hero.

7. He'll Find Benjen Stark


We still don't know where Benjen Stark is. Maybe, since Bran's still chilling up North beyond the wall, he'll be the one to find his uncle.

It seems lil Bran is going to have quite the role in Season 6, but we won't know quite what that means until April. I can't wait. Go Bran, go!

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