This 'The Voice' Contestant Is Back For Redemption

It's redemption day for one The Voice contestant. Caroline Burns, who auditioned for The Voice Season 9, returned to the Season 10 Blind Auditions to have her comeback moment — and she certainly had it. The adorable 15-year-old delivered a beautiful performance to Carole King's "So Far Away" and earned chair turns from both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Though the 15-year-old has a country tone to her voice, she chose to join Team Adam. There's no doubt she and Levine will make an amazing team. The partnership will help elevate Burns' already amazing talent and give her a real shot at making it far in this competition.

Let's rewind to Season 9 for a second. Burns auditioned late in the Blind Auditions, when the teams were either full or close to full. Her performance impressed the judges, but unfortunately didn't get any of them to push their buttons — if they even could. On the bright side, though, the coaches were begging her to come back by the end of her audition.

Fast forward to Season 10. Burns is a whole six months older, an inch taller (she finally hit 5 feet!), has rejoined her band, and has begun working at children's birthday parties — this girl has has done more in six months than I've done all year. Her performance of "So Far Away" was beautiful, light and mature. Far beyond what one would expect of a 15-year-old. While her voice was pretty much at the same level as it was last season — it has only been six months, after all — she was able to get a couple of chairs to turn this time around.

So what made this season different for Burns? Her Blind Audition was at the beginning of the process rather than the end. The coaches still have plenty of spots on their teams and are very button-happy. While I was a little surprised that more chairs didn't turn for her beautiful performance, it was impressive that she got the two original coaches to turn. These guys recognize talent and know what it takes to win this competition. It's obvious that Burns is the real deal and has a very real shot at making it far in this game.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC