Did Hanna Kill Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Her Confession May Be Part Of A Bigger Plan

Did anyone see this one coming? We've been theorizing in circles around suspects since Charlotte was killed in the PLL Season 6b premiere and during the promo for next Tuesday's episode, it seems like the killer might've finally come forward — or has she? At the end of Tuesday's episode, during a promo for "Did You Miss Me?", it seemed like Hanna confessed to killing Charlotte, but that can't possibly be true. Right? There has to be some other explanation for the fact that she pretty much confessed to being a murderer — this is Hanna Marin we're talking about, after all. So, did Hanna really kill Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars ? There's definitely another explanation for this.

There are plenty of reasons for us to believe that this could be true — I mean, Hanna did go out of her way to make sure that security tape got deleted to "protect Aria." What if she were actually deleting it to make sure no one saw that she left The Radley that night as well? But that really doesn't seem likely to me. Hanna has a great poker face these days — especially when she's talking about Jordan or trying to convince us all that she actually wants to get married — but I'm just not buying it. PLL might want us to believe, but there's no way in hell that Hanna killed Charlotte. But I definitely believe that her and Caleb put their heads together to come up with an unsurprisingly brilliant plan.

In the promo, we saw Hanna and Caleb reunite and essentially confirm that they have a "plan." Which really shouldn't surprise any PLL fans because when Hanna and Caleb unite, magic happens — and, of course, because they are an OTP. So, what's their plan? It seems that, because Hanna is truly the GOAT of this series in more way than one, it's obvious that she's going to falsely confess to Charlotte's murder to draw the new A out of hiding. If we're being honest, it probably won't work — A's always been too smart for this kind of thing in the past and if the new A is as deadly as sophisticated as spoilers have been hinting, they definitely won't fall for it. But it's great to see Hanna and Caleb getting back together to fight off this new Big Bad — they were the Bonnie and Clyde of Season 6a, after all.

Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform