Peggy Kissed Daniel On 'Agent Carter' & They Truly Got The "Hollywood Ending" They Deserve

Remember Agent Carter Season 1, when everyone made fun of Daniel Sousa for having a crush on Peggy Carter? Well, all the haters in the SSR can chill, because Peggy chose Daniel on Agent Carter in the Season 2 finale and I haven't stopped squeeing about another OTP becoming canon. Can this show be renewed for Season 3 already?

I could not be happier with this ending. Not only did Peggy make her own choice — Daniel wasn't transferred back to New York and Jason didn't die from exposure to Zero Matter, but she and Jason also ended on good terms. He didn't become a villain. They agreed to move on, better for knowing one another. For a show about superheroes, their "break-up" of sorts was particularly devoid of angst.

It wasn't until the very end of the episode until she and Sousa finally locked lips, however, because this show has no consideration for my poor nerves. Peggy was all set to leave Los Angeles, though Jarvis could tell that she only needed one big reason to stay. From the minute Daniel Sousa flashed that smug smile onto his confident, satisfied face, I knew it was on. He knew Peggy wasn't going to let him die, referencing the scene from the previous episode in which Peggy reprimanded Sousa for letting his feelings for her get in the way of their operation. Those two have faced death enough times. They know what they want. Then Peggy attacked him with her mouth and later requested "more vacation time." Yay!

Of course, we don't know whether or not Daniel Sousa is Peggy Carter's husband. We never heard those magic words: "Steve Rogers saved my life one time, you know." That detail from Captain America: Civil War remains a mystery. Maybe I lied before, that's the one thing this ending needed to exceed my expectations. Still, Peggy Carter has been through so many heartbreaks and near misses that's it's awesome to see such a kickass lady get some happiness and peace.

Image: Byron Cohen/ABC