Drake & Future Should Bring A Hit Collab To 'SNL'

2015 was a very busy year in the life of Drake. He released a new solo album, got in a pretty high profile feud with Meek Mill, and made the video that launched a thousand memes. As if that wasn't enough, Drake also released What A Time To Be Alive, a collaborative mixtape with rapper Future. The two may not appear to be likely musical partners — with the former being a trap artist and the latter being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet — but it seems that every time these two work on a project together, they make magic. Now that Future's rise to fame has gotten him a performance spot on Saturday Night Live, fans of rap and pop alike are wondering: will Drake appear on SNL with Future?

While Future is making his SNL debut on March 5, Drake is no stranger to Studio 8H. He has both hosted and performed on the show in the past and seems to still retain his goofball tendencies, as evidenced by his T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial. Though neither rapper has confirmed that he will appear on Saturday night, in addition to the fact that Drake is familiar with SNL, his track record with Future makes it very possible that he'll grab the mic and join his frequent collaborator for a live performance. While Future is one of modern rap's most prolific artists, having released four albums and 14 mixtapes since 2010, there's no denying that whenever he and Drake perform on a track together, they take it to a whole new level. If Drizzy has time to swing by New York this weekend, here are some songs you might see him perform alongside Future on SNL.


"Jumpman" is huge. The song's repetitive hook and energy showcase Drake's penchant for clever lyricism and Future's mixture of mumbled lyrics and auto-tune that has influenced other rappers. "Jumpman" is Future's most played song on Spotify, his top-ranking song on iTunes, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Rap Airplay charts, and inspired other artists to make their own versions of the song, including up-and-comer Rich The Kid and the one and only Kanye West. "Jumpman" is the Future song that everyone is expecting to hear on SNL, and it won't be the same if Drake isn't there.

"Where Ya At"

The breakout track off Future's breakout album DS2, "Where Ya At" works so well as a collaboration between the two artists that its success may have helped inspire them to make What A Time To Be Alive mixtape together. The hazy, trap beat not only introduced a lot of people to Future's signature sound but also helped bring trap music to the mainstream alongside artists like Migos and Young Thug.

"Big Rings"

The second most popular song from What A Time To Be Alive, according to iTunes and Spotify, "Big Rings" is the kind of banger that makes crowds go crazy when performed live. If Future wants to bring down the house, all he has to do is pull Drake out on stage and perform this "give-us-what-we-deserve" anthem.

Future is one of the most interesting figures in pop music in the sense that he really isn't a pop musician. He raps hard-to-hear lyrics about his own personal demons and references various drugs, a far cry from the wholesome pop-friendly images of many other chart-toppers. However, Drake's friendly demeanor and more pop-like sound is accessible enough for the both of them. If Future wants to make a splash on SNL with audiences that don't know him yet, bringing Drake on stage to perform one of these hits is the best way to do that.