What Kids Have To Say About Hillary Clinton

Thanks to a little thing known as the "post-Super Tuesday Facebook extravaganza," we're all intimately aware of how our adult friends feel about Hillary Clinton — but what do kids have to say about her campaign? SheKnows' latest video, "#HatchKids React: Feminism And Hillary," features the surprisingly savvy political opinions of the under-18 set regarding the Democratic presidential candidate, and it's almost enough to restore your faith in humanity... until you click back over to Facebook, of course. No amount of goodwill toward mankind can withstand the revelation that your high school crush voted for Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

Unlike your first boyfriend, the kids featured in the video have a surprisingly solid grasp of feminism; it's unanimously agreed upon that voting for or against Clinton has no bearing on your commitment to women's rights. "I don't feel that someone has to vote for Hillary Clinton to be a feminist, because I think feminism is looking at both genders equally," one girl said.

In fact, pretty much everyone emphasized the fact that a politician's policies and track record are more important than their gender, whether they're a man or a woman. "If you're truly a feminist, you shouldn't look at the gender of a person and think, 'I should vote for them because they're a woman,'" another girl explained.

Right on, kiddos. (Is that what kids say these days?) Your voting patterns are your own business, and if you feel like you can reconcile voting for Trump or Marco Rubio with your commitment to gender equality, more power to you.

When asked to describe Clinton in one word, it was clear that the children at least respected the potential POTUS, whether they agreed with her politics or not. Let's take a look at a few of their thoughts below; scroll down to watch the full video.

1. "Crazy In A Good Way."

2. "Confident."

3. "Awesome."

Well said. #HatchKids is part of SheKnows' Hatch program, which encourages kids to discuss current issues and teaches media literacy.

Check out the (impossibly adorable) video below:

Images: SheKnows/YouTube (3)