11 Reasons Why 'Chuck's Sarah Walker & Bryce Larkin Were A Super Underrated Couple

It is the nature of pretty much all TV shows to focus on one central, totally meant-to-be couple, and in the world of Chuck, that couple was Chuck and Sarah. I'm not going to argue against Chuck and Sarah's romance because it was beautiful and my heart is not made of stone — but, I do have to admit that Sarah and Bryce were amazing together too. They were the potential spoiler couple until Bryce died, and the spy-tastic love story between Bryce and Sarah was totally underrated.

Besides being two stunning human beings, every tiny scrap of information about Bryce and Sarah's relationship confirmed they understood each other on a deep and meaningful level. They were spies first and their jobs were their lives — and yet, they made room for each other. Their missions were sexy and dangerous, their chemistry was off the charts, and right up until the end, it was clear they would never truly stop loving each other. Sarah went to Lisbon — the place where they went on their first mission together — to spread Bryce's ashes when he died. If that doesn't scream "true love," I don't know what does.

Bryce and Sarah were never going to be endgame, but they doesn't mean their stunning relationship should be forgotten. Here are 11 reasons why Bryce and Sarah's spy love was totally underrated in the world of Chuck.

1. They Were Equal Partners

They were matched in strength and in strategy; they had an immense amount of respect for each other's abilities. And there is nothing sexier than that.

2. They Let Each Other In

By nature, Sarah and Bryce were two extremely guarded people. They led private lives out of necessity and were often ruthless when it came to protecting their hearts. Somehow, they managed to let their guards down with each other enough to establish a level of trust most relationships never reach.

3. They Turned Missions Into Foreplay

Watching them dance in "Chuck vs. the Breakup" may actually be sinful. They weren't even romantically involved at this point, but it was obvious that while they both took their missions seriously, they also made the most of them. All I'm saying is, a prequel series with this two would have been smoking hot.

4. They Wanted Each Other To Be Happy Above All Else


Bryce wanted to fight to keep Sarah in his life, but after talking with Captain Awesome, he realized Sarah was truly was in love with Chuck. He wasn't a jerk about it, and he didn't try to break them up. He loved Sarah so much that he just wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn't with him.

5. Becoming Partners Was A Turning Point In Both Of Their Lives


The moment Bryce and Sarah became partners is not a moment the viewers got to see, but it was clearly a pivotal moment for them. Sarah wouldn't have honored Bryce's memory by spreading his ashes in the place where they first became partners if it wasn't significant to Bryce, and to her.

6. They Accepted Each Other

Being a spy is messy, violent, and involves crossing lines civilians could never understand. The first time Chuck saw Sarah kill someone he was understandably freaked out. Bryce understood and accepted that part of Sarah, though, because it was a part of him too.

7. They Loved Chuck For The Same Reasons

Sarah's love for Chuck was romantic while Bryce's was platonic, but they were drawn to Chuck for the same reasons: They loved his innocence and his kindness, and there was nothing either one of them wouldn't do to protect Chuck from the CIA's influence.

8. They Had The Same Fighting Style

In the series premiere and the series finale, the writers honored the Sarah/Bryce dynamic by showing Sarah and Bryce's fighting styles were almost identical. It's a small thing, but it still speaks volumes about the influence they had on each other's lives — when Sarah remembered nothing else, she remembered the training she must have shared with Bryce.

9. They Were Total Badasses Together

John Casey writes most people off, but he had mad respect for both Sarah and Bryce's skills. That says everything about their prowess apart. Put them together and they had to be an absolutely lethal couple.

10. They Made Each Other Happy

It was clear in the early seasons that Sarah's life didn't contain much happiness before Chuck, but Bryce made her happy. Their time together may have been brief, but it was a much needed bright spot in their dangerous lives.

11. They Were Beautiful Together

Allow me to be superficial for a moment: Bryce and Sarah are two beautiful people who were off the charts gorgeous together. Their chemistry was dynamic and real, and they made the best faces at each other. For that reason these two crazy spies will forever have a special place in my heart.

Bryce and Sarah were one of several great love stories in Chuck. They didn't last forever, but a love as twisty and engrossing as theirs should never be forgotten.

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