Does Lauren Know 'Bachelor' Ben Loves Two Women?

Even for one of the the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelor ever, the Ben Higgins' double love-bomb was quite the doozy. Ben sent shockwaves across Bachelor Nation when he told not one, but two, women that he loved them. And, he certainly seemed convinced that it was OK, because he believed he was genuinely in love with both JoJo and Lauren. That's all fine and dandy for him, but does Lauren know that Ben told JoJo he loved her?

In a blog that Ben wrote recently for People magazine, he acknowledged that the conundrum of being in love with two women is very much a "first world problem," yet that doesn't make it any less of a problem. With the season finale approaching, fans of the show are wondering who the handsome Ben will choose to be his wife. Since Ben could not return the feelings that Caila had for him and ultimately sent her home because of it, we are left to assume that the fact that he told the other two women that he loves them means that those feelings were totally valid. But, will the women find out that they are not the only one that Ben said the "L" word to? What will happen if Lauren discovers that Ben has gone all Archie/Betty/Veronica on her? Let's run through some viable scenarios.

Lauren Might Already Know

Lauren's a smart woman. She saw at the rose ceremony that JoJo was still there even though Ben told Lauren he loved her. She probably knows then that his feelings for JoJo might be equally strong.

Lauren Might Be Accepting

Considering the fact that Lauren knowingly signed up for a reality dating series, perhaps she will have it in her to shake off the fact that Ben says he's in love with not just her, but also her former roommate (and possible friend). Lauren comes off as a very down-to-earth person, and maybe the news would not come as such an earth-shattering blow as it would to... just about anyone else.

Ben Might Tell Lauren

Ben has already displayed his capacity for emotion, breaking down a few times about the emotional duress the show has placed on him (once again — #firstworldproblems). Perhaps he'll feel guilty about his duplicity and will confess his duel love feelings to Lauren? We know from that bathroom preview that he tells JoJo he's in love with both of them. He owes Lauren the same.

JoJo Might Tell Lauren

In a dream world (or something orchestrated by the producers — same thing), JoJo revealing to Lauren that Ben said he loved her would be the most dramatic and chaotic hypothetical situation. Can you even imagine the Twitter comments? I can't. I want to.

Lauren Might Dump Ben

Saying sayonara to a guy who is that indecisive this far into the game doesn't seem all that unreasonable. However, it was recently revealed that Ben is engaged, and that means one person's finger has to stay around for a ring to be put on it! Which one of the objects of his affection did Ben choose? Only time (MERE HOURS) will tell.

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