19 Cheesy 'Bachelor' Promo Pics From Old Seasons That Are Hilariously Cringeworthy

After 20 seasons (and 11 more of The Bachelorette), it's safe to say that The Bachelor is a pretty cheesy show. Between the rose ceremonies, the group dates, and everybody talking about their "journey," this is a show people watch for one of two reasons: To mock it, or because they really buy into the idea that Chris Harrison can hook these people up with their true love after a series of dramatic cocktail parties. For me, it's both, and I really embrace the goofier aspects of the franchise, because they're part of what makes watching the show so much fun. But if you think Ben Higgins handing out roses is laying it on thick now, let me remind you that in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette 's earliest days, the cheese factor was through the roof — starting with the promo pictures.

These days, we're used to the lame but loved school picture day-esque cast photos that surface before the beginning of each season, alongside the reigning Bachelor or Bachelorette holding roses in various poses, but this wasn't always the way things were done. In the past, promo pics used to look terrifyingly similar to Glamour Shots... especially when ABC decided to include props. Yep, props.

And in case you've forgotten exactly how cheesy things used to be, these photos will definitely remind you.

1. Byron Velvick & His Boxing Gloves

He's ready to fight one lucky lady in the ring... I mean, give her a ring. Sorry, the gloves confused me.

2. Aaron Buerge Surrounded By Roses

Just casually chillin' with the Bachelor, all BFFs, totally not fighting behind the scenes...

3. Andrew Firestone's Dramatic Look Back

Is it just me, or does that suit not fit him? Also, where is he going with that rose?

4. Charlie O'Connell & His Dramatic Lighting

First of all, why is he wearing all black? And more importantly, where did the rest of his body go?

5. Andrew Firestone & His Runner Up

They are totally about to star in a quirky '90s NBC comedy about a newlywed thirty-something couple in New York.

6. Alex Michel & Chris Harrison

As someone who didn't watch the earliest seasons of The Bachelor: WHAT IS UP WITH CHRIS HARRISON'S HAIR? And also, why are they posed together like Alex Michel chose Harrison in the end? He should have, BTW. Harrison is a catch.

7. Deanna Pappas & Her Emotional Roses

Smelling them one last time before she has to start handing them out, I guess.

8. Trista Sutter Picking Petals Off A Yellow Daisy

Trista, I know you're the first Bachelorette so they may not have told you this, but they use roses on this show.

9. Trista Sutter Baring Her Midriff

Who put her in this outfit? If I had those abs, I would show them off, too. But maybe not with those jeans.

10. Lorenzo Borghese Looking Seriously European

Pretty sure this was taken on the set of The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

11. But Wait, It Gets Worse

Lizzie McGuire told me if you make a wish in that fountain, you become mistaken for an Italian pop star. Maybe that's better than being the Bachelor?

12. Travis Lane Stork With A Disembodied Hand In Paris

Who is the owner of that hand? Why is this happening? Is this now a horror show?

13. Charlie O'Connell Looking Emotional AF

Maybe he's looking for his future wife out there? Who's to say?

14. This Disastrous Fisheye Photo Of Jesse Palmer

Fisheye. This show once used fisheye.

15. Charlie O'Connell Falls Victim To Bad Photography Yet Again

Someone help this man, please.

16. Jesse Palmer, Being All Football & Stuff

He plays football. We get it.

17. Meredith Phillips In A Newsboy Cap

This photo doesn't need a caption. I will let it speak for itself.

18. And Then Hugging Some Roses

Not convinced she actually wants to give those away like she's supposed to.

19. And Best Of All, Bob Guiney's Ssh Face

He's never been more ready to join the cast of Pretty Little Liars as he was at this moment.

ABC, The Bachelor, and the men and women who fell victim to these promo shoots: I am so glad these photos exist, and I have you to thank. And honestly, so does Ben Higgins, because these themes were long retired before it was his turn.

Images: Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images (16); Ron Tom/ABC via Getty Images; Kevin Foley/ABC via Getty Images; Mitch Haaseth/ABC via Getty Images