13 '90s Movies That, In A Weird Way, Prepared You For Adulthood

If you're a cinephile, you already know that film is a lot more than just entertainment — there can be some serious life lessons within that two hour runtime. Films that bring out all of the nostalgic feels somehow can teach you just as much as any movie set in 2016. I mean, '90s movies are beloved by the masses, and many are celebrated for their distinct '90s style... but that doesn't mean that their life lessons can't be appropriate for the modern age. There are plenty of movies that you loved as a kid that, in hindsight, actually taught you a whole lot about being an adult in 2016. Who knew that rewatching some of your old '90s staples could be better than reading a self-help book?

Sure, there were a few movies that we'd rather forget came out in the '90s, but, for the most part, this decade was filled with films that we would remain in love for years and years down the line. Fortunately, a lot of the movies that we love also taught us a lot about how to do this whole "adulting thing" now that VHS is a thing of the past. Here are a few awesome '90s flicks that gave us pretty sound advice on being an adult in the '10s.

1. The Lion King

THE LESSON: Running away from your problems gets you nowhere. Sure, it's fun to Hakuna Matata on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but in the real world, you have this thing called "bills" that will drag your butt back to Pride Rock real quick. (Metaphorically speaking.)

2. Pretty Woman

THE LESSON: Yes, all of those upscale shops will judge you if they think you can't afford their disturbingly high prices. This is why online shopping and discount stores exist.

3. Scream

THE LESSON: If there's a guy who seems ridiculously shady, it's probably because he's really, really shady. The benefit of the doubt only can extend so far. Also, if people start dropping like flies in your town, take a long, hard look at your boyfriend.

4. Titanic

THE LESSON: This lesson actually wasn't taught in Titanic, but anyone who has ever watched it will likely tell you that this is their first thought upon viewing it. If you have the world's most expensive piece of jewelry in your possession, do not be like Rose and drop it in the ocean. Instead, use it to pay for your college tuition and a seriously awesome spring break trip.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

THE LESSON: If someone close to you keeps warning you that a guy is bad news, you should probably listen before dating him. Especially if he draws penises on sophomore's faces.

6. Home Alone

THE LESSON: No matter how busy you are, make sure your kids make it to the airport for your international flight. And if they don't, call a babysitter ASAP.

7. Cruel Intentions

THE LESSON: You should have agency over your body and your sexuality, whether that means waiting for marriage to have sex or sleeping with every consenting adult on the Upper East Side. Also, being a jerk has serious consequences.

8. The Sixth Sense

THE LESSON: Tell everyone how much they mean to you, because you never know what's going to happen next. Also, if everyone seems to be ignoring you, maybe do a quick self-check and see if you're dead, or just awful.

9. Fargo

THE LESSON: You can't plan for everything.

10. Beauty And The Beast

THE LESSON: Anyone who belittles your intelligence is an awful person. Be with the guy who builds you the library, not the one who makes fun of you for reading.

11. Toy Story

THE LESSON: There's always going to be a new hot shot at your office or in your social circle who everyone will worship for a few days. Breathe easy and try not to hate on them too hard.

12. Clueless

THE LESSON: Teachers have love lives, too. It never stops being kind of weird.

13. The Truman Show

THE LESSON: Trust your intuition. If everyone around you seems to be acting strangely, it's likely because something is really wrong — even if, unlike Truman, you don't live in a bubble solely for the purpose of entertaining the masses.

Thanks, '90s movies, for teaching us the ways of adulting long before we were adults.

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