The Top Faces People Go Under The Knife For

In case you had no idea, people all over the world are getting plastic surgery to look more like their favorite celebrities. Perhaps not all of them are as extreme as, let's say, this guy who spent $100,000 to transform his face to look more like Justin Bieber's, but nonetheless, they are going into these clinics with celeb photos and stacks of money in hand. According to The Daily Mail, Nurse Jamie Sherrill, co-founder of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, Calif., revealed the most requested celebrity looks.

Overall, Jennifer Aniston is the most requested celebrity plastic surgery model among women. Sherrill says clients spend up to $100,000 to get the same facial features as the former Friends star. Following closely are the following asks: Gisele Bundchen's slim figure, Beyoncé's behind, Angelina Jolie's pillowly lips, Katy Perry's porcelain skin, Keira Knightley's chiseled jawline, and Megan Fox's feline eyes.

But women aren't the only ones who are coming in for celebrity-inspired makeovers. According to Sherrill, men used to only make up 5 percent of her clients, but that number has shot up to 40 percent. For men, the most popular overall celebrity request is Hugh Jackman. But for more targeted areas, these are the following asks: Channing Tatum's Magic Mike body, Robert Pattinson's jawline, Ian Somerhalder's eyes, Orlando Bloom's skin and Leonardo DiCaprio's cheeks.

While Sherrill's business is founded on helping people achieve their dream celebrity looks, she will not treat patients whose fascination with looking like someone else is too extreme.

"At Beauty Park we strive to make our patients look and feel a more rested looking version of them self. I think it is perfectly acceptable to request 'the look' of a celebrity but not to be transformed into their doppelganger," Sherrill said.

And one more thing: Sherrill says that she also gets celebrity clients wanting to look like other celebrities. Wrap your head around that.