The 'Gilmore Girls' & 'The Hills' Connection That You Might Have Missed

While I'm sure there are about a million things that Gilmore Girls has in common with The Hills , some similarities are greater than others. For instance, if Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls was in the same room as Justin Bobby from The Hills, would the pair get along? Or would it be uncomfortable for them both as it'd be too much like looking in a mirror? One thing is for certain — Justin Bobby and Jess Mariano have a lot in common with each other, and there's one thing they both did that most people would never do. And that, of course, is that Justin Bobby and Jess Mariano wore combat boots to the beach. Who does that?

Renowned for their biker style, and often seen wearing leather jackets during hot weather, it's no surprise really that Justin Bobby and Jess Mariano both wore combat boots to the beach (I know that The Hills is supposedly reality TV, but let's call Justin Bobby a character for now). When Jess took a trip to Venice, California to see his father, he ended up on the beach in full biker wear. Justin Bobby was often mocked by Lauren Conrad for doing this exact same thing.

While it's fair to say that Lauren Conrad was never a fan of Justin Bobby, it's kind of brilliant that he wore combat boots to the beach. Defying trends and expectations, Justin Bobby was never not unique in his style and actions. While he probably got a bit sweaty wearing such heavy attire to the beach, he was being true to his own sense of style. Jess Mariano, too, always had an individual look, his leather jacket being a key part of his identity.

When you think about it, Justin Bobby and Jess Mariano actually have a lot in common (I'm sorry!). Along with wearing combat boots to the beach, they both have commitment issues, are on-and-off-again with their girlfriends, and are artistic in their own ways. They're far from being the same person, but they both certainly have that special brand of bad boy mystique that some people find irresistible.

Anyway, next time you're trying to decide what to wear, just remember that Justin Bobby and Jess Mariano both wore combat boots to the beach on at least one occasion, so be confident, and rock whatever look you want! Just do you.

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