7 Reasons Why Jess's Leather Jacket Is So Iconic

by Amy Mackelden

The world is not-so-patiently awaiting new episodes of Gilmore Girls, and one of the biggest theories out there is that Rory will end up with ex-boyfriend Jess. Out of all of Rory's exes, Jess Mariano, who is Luke's nephew, always seemed like the guy she should be with forever. Not only is Jess a brooding writer who loves reading, he always looks effortlessly cool, and his leather jacket is integral to his persona. There are so many reasons that Jess and Rory should be together, and Jess's leather jacket is one of them.

Every character has their signature look, and, for Jess, this includes his leather jacket. While, in later seasons, Jess tries out other looks, involving suits or denim jackets, the leather jacket is the image of him that sticks. When he goes on a road trip to California, Jess wears his leather jacket to the beach. When he rides the bus with Rory, he's got his leather jacket on. Jess's leather jacket is like a second skin, and fans have fallen in love with it while falling in love with him. So what exactly makes Jess Mariano's leather jacket so iconic? And, more importantly, will Jess be wearing his leather jacket in the Gilmore Girls revival? Here are just some of the many reasons that Jess's leather jacket is integral to the show.

1. Jess's Leather Jacket Shows That He Is An Old Soul

Jess's leather jacket is so iconic because it symbolizes the fact that he's an old soul. As an avid reader, and soon-to-be author, Jess doesn't have a lot in common with most of his generation, apart from Rory. His worn and battered leather jacket is totally vintage, and hints at a whole other past life he could've had.

2. Jess's Jacket Is A Clue That He's Not From Stars Hollow

The jacket references the fact that Jess is from somewhere other than Stars Hollow. When he goes to California, it's his jacket that makes him stand out more than anything, especially at the beach. And, in Stars Hollow he seems like a mysterious stranger who rode in on a motorcycle from another town.

3. The Jacket Is The Perfect Dig At Dean

Dean always claimed to be into bikes, but never rode one. Following on from Dean, Jess is definitely a boyfriend upgrade for Rory. Not straight-laced in the slightest, and brimming with mystery and aloofness, Jess is the boyfriend we all wish we'd had as a teenager, and the one we want now.

4. Jess's Jacket Is An Analogy For His Tough Exterior

We all know that Jess is a sweetie when he wants to be, but his leather jacket represents the tough outer shell he projects, keeping other people out of his world. It's like a sexy piece of armor.

5. The Jacket Makes Jess & Rory Into Romeo & Juliet

There's a strong juxtaposition between Jess's jacket and Rory's Chilton uniform; visually they're from two very separate worlds, and that's exactly why they're drawn towards one another. It's also why Rory's family disapprove of Jess, pitching him as a Montague to Rory's Capulet.

6. Jess's Leather Jacket Reaffirms How Totally Punk Rock He Is

Who doesn't love a man in a Metallica shirt and leather jacket? If we're all really honest with ourselves, this look is unfailingly hot.

7. It's A Super Hot Look, Be Serious

I shouldn't have to explain this to you. Jess Mariano is hot. His leather jacket is hot. Everything about this situation is hot. OK?

As the Gilmore Girls revival is reuniting almost all of the cast, it seems likely that Jess's leather jacket will make an appearance too. It's who he is, and it's one of the many reasons we all love him as much as we do.

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