9 'Ant-Man' Plotholes That'll Bug Even Marvel's Biggest Fans

When Marvel's Ant-Man movie was announced, it seemed like an unlikely move. After all, a superhero who fights crime alongside tiny bugs isn't the sexiest of concepts. And then Paul Rudd was cast, and Michael Douglas, and the movie seemed to be looking up. When it was finally released, Ant-Man was just another hit on the long list of Marvel and Disney successes. No doubt a big part of its success lay in how the film embraced the camp factor of the premise. But even those who loved Ant-Man have to admit, it's really a strange movie full of not-so-ant-sized plot holes. The below are nine plot holes in Ant-Man that seriously need some patching up.

Now, it really shouldn't be surprising that a movie about a man who uses a super suit to shrink himself and become an ant-sized man with super strength has plot holes. Scientifically, it seems unrealistic to say the least. Of course, if science was the standard-bearer for any and all superhero movies, they would collapse in a second. The plot holes in Ant-Man go beyond science. Why is Scott Lang recruited to be the Ant-Man? Why is he able to return from his sub-atomic space and survive? What the hell is T.I. doing there? (OK, I admit, that last one isn't quite a plot hole.) These are just a few of the biggest plot holes in the otherwise-great Ant-Man .

1. Why Scott?

This is the biggest plot hole in Ant-Man: why is Hank Pym so dead-set on making Scott Lang the Ant-Man? What exactly makes him so special? It's a question repeatedly asked in the movie, and yet never answered.

2. Would They Really Trust An Ex-Con To Do This?

I mean, I get it, Paul Rudd is charming, but if the fate of the world really hangs in the balance, then why choose some random ex-con for the job? Pym is so determined to make Scott the Ant-Man that he sets him up to steal the suit and then get caught and go to jail so he has no choice but to use the suit. This is an extremely elaborate (and ridiculous) plan. Why go through all that trouble? Yes, Scott is smart and good at sneaking into places, but to create a plan so that he will steal the Ant-Man suit, and thus get in trouble with the law and have no choice but to work for Pym? That's extreme. Especially considering the tight deadline Scott has to meet to get used to the suit and save the day.

3. What Really Happened Between Scott And His Ex?

So, I know that Scott went to jail for exposing fraud, but it seems kind of hypocritical of him to come back after spending years in jail and expecting to be welcomed back into his young daughter's life with open arms. Why would he even risk it in the first place? It just seems at odds with the Scott we meet in the film.

4. Why Is Falcon The Only Person Guarding the Avengers Compound?

Falcon, in what is undoubtedly a highlight of the film, shows up briefly when Ant-Man breaks into the Avengers compound to steal some tech. The two face off in an entertaining fight before Scott escapes. It's an all-around delightful scene, but does inspire some questions. Like, why is the Avengers building, a top secret, SHIELD facility housing top secret weapons and, presumably, young, untrained superheroes, only guarded by Falcon? Where's the backup?

5. Why Can't Hope Be The Ant-Man?

Seriously! Hope makes the case for herself many times in the film, and she has a point. She knows the facility they want to break into, she knows the technology, she already knows how to communicate with the ants and use the suit. So why, when they only have a handful of days to get Scott ready for the big heist, doesn't Hank let her don the suit and do it herself? I get that he wants to protect his daughter, but if the heist is as crucial for the world as Hank seems to say it is, then you'd think he'd be able to get over it. There is nothing that makes Scott more qualified than Hope to wear the suit.

6. Did Becoming Ant-Man Give Scott Special Powers?

How come putting on the suit like automatically turns Scott into a gymnast?

7. Why Are Scott And Maggie Cool With Their Daughter Having A Dog-Sized Ant?

When the movie ends, Scott's daughter, Cassie, is seen sneaking food to the giant ant that was accidentally blown up during Ant-Man's fight with Yellowjacket. It's way too big to hide, so I have to assume that at least one of her parents has noticed this giant bug around the house.

8. Isn't Scott Still A Fugitive?

The movie ends without resolving the fact that Scott is technically still a fugitive who escaped jail after being arrested for burglary. I would assume his fugitive status would cause some problems, no?

9. Why Is Hope's Wasp Costume 80% Boob?

So, I'm happy that Ant-Man ended with Hope finally getting her shot at being a superhero with her very own suit, but is there a reason it's like 80% boob? I get that women have a shape and everything, but this just seems unnecessary.

Most of these plot holes, most notably why Hope didn't get to be Ant-Man in the first place, will hopefully be filled in the upcoming sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp . The movie, which currently has a 2018 release date, will be Marvel's first film with a female superhero's name in the title, and that's something we can all get behind.

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