'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' On Netflix Isn't A Reality & Not Even Windex Can Fix This Problem

Remember the 2002 movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The romantic comedy about a Greek-American woman's misadventures on the way to the altar was a sleeper hit, and one of the most profitable movies ever made. 14 years after the movie's originally release, it's finally getting a proper cinematic sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 . Since it's been so long since the original came out, it might occur to you to stream My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Netflix to reacquaint yourself with Toula, Ian, and the entire boisterous Portokalos family before you go see the sequel. Unfortunately, you'll soon discover that Netflix has My Big Fat Greek Wedding available for DVD rental, but not for streaming. Bummer.

However, don't give up hope just yet. The movie is available on HBO Go for free if you're a subscriber, and at a low cost on multiple other sites. You can purchase My Big Fat Greek Wedding for about 10 bucks on Amazon Video, iTunes, GooglePlay, YouTube, and Vudu. Now, $10 obviously isn't as good of a price as $0, but it's still cheaper than a theater ticket and you can watch while wearing your pajamas, so that's a perk. And once you're done with that, you can stream these other quirky romantic movies on Netflix for free.

Meet The Parents

TrailersPlaygroundHD on YouTube

In this memorable comedy, Greg Focker (played by Ben Stiller) goes head-to-head with his girlfriend's dad, who turns out to be a former CIA agent. The scene where Robert DeNiro hooks Greg up to a lie detector machine serves as a reminder that no matter how bad you think your S.O.'s parents are, it could be a lot worse.

Bride And Prejudice

LionsgateVOD on YouTube

It's a Bollywood spin on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, complete with dancing and bad lip synching. Yes, really.

Slow Learners

IFC Films on YouTube

In this comedy, there's no family or cultural values standing in between Jeff and Anne, just their own awkwardness.

Maid In Manhattan

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on YouTube

Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful hotel maid named Marisa who gets more than she bargained for after a politician mistakes her for a wealthy woman and falls in love with her. Realistic? No. Romantic? Very.

Meet the Patels

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

This charming recent documentary chronicles the love life of actor Ravi Patel, whose traditional Indian parents want him to have an arranged marriage. The conflict is substantial and hilarious.

So, the bad news is that if you want to stream My Big Fat Greek Wedding online, you're going to have to purchase it from a site that isn't Netflix. The good news is that you have some time to do so before the sequel comes out on March 25. And once you're all caught up, you can hop back to Netflix to enjoy these equally-hilarious romcoms. After all, love is a pretty funny thing.

Image: IFC Films