18 Forgotten 'Gilmore Girls' Characters Who Are Worth Revisiting Before The Revival Series

I don't know about you, but I already have my bags packed and ready to go back to Stars Hollow. The beloved and quaint small town in Connecticut in which Lorelai and Rory Gilmore created a lifetime’s worth of memories is every fan's favorite place to call home — mine included. With Gilmore Girls revival series filming already underway and the news of all the big stars returning to Luke's Diner for one more meal, Netflix's four-episode series has really got me wondering about all our favorite characters returning to their original stomping grounds. But, in all of the series' seven-season glory, the quirky community that showcased a wide array of characters who felt more like family members than neighbors also introduced an eccentric bunch of underrated, underappreciated, and sometimes overlooked individuals. Be it old romantic flings or just plain ol' supporting characters, thinking about the forgotten characters of Gilmore Girls has got me wondering about where they are now.

I mean, yes, we all love Miss Patty and Kirk, but whatever happened to Dean's cute little sister Clara, or Jess' dad Jimmy in California? Despite its title, Gilmore Girls never really revolved around just the girls, just one single couple, or just one family. Stars Hollow is a place that's so much bigger than the Gilmores, and it's a setting that relies on the wacky interactions of all the characters inside of it, big and small. So, in honor of all the personalities who so fit perfectly in little Stars Hollow for their little onscreen appearances, here's a look back at all the GG characters you may have forgotten about.

1. Lorelai's Fishing Enthusiast Ex-Boyfriend, Alex

In Season 3, there was one epic scene involving Luke showing Lorelai how to fish in a small pond on her front lawn... but, does anyone remember the reason Lorelai was learning to fish? Well, she was preparing for a first date, with her temporary boyfriend, Alex. You know, the guy who wanted to own a coffee shop, and took her on a coffee tasting? Yeah I know, totally would have been Lorelai's soulmate — too bad the fates were against him. Here's hoping he opened up his own coffee shop and notably named it "The Mud House" in memory of his time with Lorelai.

2. The Dude Living At Beenie Morrison's Old Place, Dwight

The new occupant of Beenie Morrison's old place was an oddball named Dwight. Though his gameboard collection was insane, he was still super annoying and a tad creepy. Besides, who calls their home an "oasis"?

3. Peyton The Wine Lover (aka Jon Hamm)

Before he played Don Draper, Jon Hamm played the very sexy and cute mama's boy Peyton in Season 3 of the series. But, I think we all knew it would never work out — Lorelai belonged with Luke, after all. Hopefully, Peyton is now taking the woman of his dreams to concerts and drinking wine.

4. Drella The Sassy Harpist

Who else adored the hilariously crude Drella (actress Alex Borstein)? Sadly, the grouchy harpist who preferred playing Black Sabbath to classical music disappeared after the fourth episode of the series... but, the actress did come back as another witty character, Miss Celine. However, I just know Drella's gotta be kicking up a fuss somewhere in Hartford.

5. Chilton Headmaster Hanlin Charleston

One person I am really interested in knowing the whereabouts of is definitely Headmaster Charleston. Where is this Daddy-Warbucks-wannabe today? Is he still forcing introverted children like Rory to socialize more? For future Chilton students' sakes, I hope he's retired by now.

6. Bootsy The Newspaper Stand Owner

Bootsy was a hysterical minor character. He was constantly bickering with Luke when he was on the show, and he had the best job of doing absolutely nothing but reading horoscopes and accepting money for the printed word. By now, Bootsy has likely expanded his newspaper stand into a newspaper empire, obviously.

7. Dean's Friend & Old Roommate, Kyle Gibson

Kyle was another peculiar yet notable character in the series. Somehow after hosting the party that left his house destroyed after a Dean and Jess brawl, Kyle joined the Navy and was left with a hook for a hand. My bet is on him getting all the girls with his new stainless steel limb and bizarre charm.

8. Lane's First Boyfriend & First Love, Henry Cho

My heart broke into a million pieces when Henry "potential Korean doctor" Cho dumped Lane for another girl because he was tired of Lane's constant decoys and evasive maneuvers to get around her mother. Poor Lane. But hey, it was Henry's loss — she turned into a badass drummer mother. Good riddance, Cho.

9. Rory's Coworker At The Yale Daily News, Glenn Babble

In college, Glenn was literally so relatable. Nervous, geeky, socially awkward, and a jealous writer. I'm sure he's typing away on his mildly popular Tumblr blog.

10. Paul From Business School

Remember when Lorelai officially became a casual dater? Yup, she went out a younger guy from her business class and never heard the end of it. We already know what Paul went off to do though — he became the hot and terrifying Detective Warren on Pretty Little Liars. Glad you got out when you could, Pauly! (I mean. Sort of. Gilmore Girls did shoot on the same lot as Pretty Little Liars ...)

11. Frog Boy Brennon Lewis

Rory went to junior high with Brennon, but that was enough to scar her for life. He never got an order right when he worked at Luke's, and he was also the boy who who dissected a frog, did not wash his hands, and then ate a sandwich. My guess is, he is still rewatching The Breakfast Club and taping his butt cheeks together.

12. Jackson's Annoying Cousin Rune

UGH... Rune. What even IS a Rune?

13. Sweet, Michel-Hating Tobin

Tobin was The Independence Inn's night manager who constantly created tension between Michel and Lorelai for, well, just being Michel's complete opposite. Tobin is definitely the owner of his own bed and breakfast now, and it probably has scented candles everywhere.

14. Richard's First Girlfriend, Pennilyn Lott

Aww, Lorelai's almost mommy. I have a strong feeling she and Emily have finally reached common ground.

15. Kyon The Exchange Student

Seoul exchange student Kyon was definitely a young Lane in the making. Also, she totally had a thing for Brian. Today, Kyon is either in a punk-rock band, or teaching Kwan and Steve how to sass their mother.

16. Jackson's Older Brother, Beau Belleville

Jackson’s older, creepy brother — who aggressively pursued Lorelai after he was told by good ol' Rune that Lorelai was a "nympho" – was utterly disgusting. I have a strong feeling Beau never settled down and is referring to Lorelai as "the one that got away." Yeah, I know, I'm cringing harder than you are.

17. Rory's College Friends, Lucy & Olivia

Lucy and Olivia may not have been Rory's friends for very long, but they were there in her time of need. Both are most likely very successful artists who probably Skype with Rory once a month.

18. Rory's Rebound Date, Trevor

I never liked Trevor. He wasn't forthcoming in asking Rory out, he was super awkward, and he didn't like her urine mints anecdote. Not cool, bro. I wonder who else he awkwardly dated during his time at Yale.

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