7 Apps For Improving Your Relationship

Contrary to what you may think, apps aren't just for dating, finding love, or hooking up with someone new. In fact, there are plenty of apps for couples, and they are an awesome way for you to connect to your partner whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, you live in the same city, or even if you’re living together. Or maybe you guys broke up and you’re working on mending the relationship. Just like Uber and Seamless improved your otherwise pretty good life, these apps for people in relationships can improve what is already a pretty awesome relationship or at least make life easier. And who doesn’t want that? Besides the drama queen in your office who likes to make everything difficult, of course.

Whether it's an app for solving a major or minor fight, one for improving your sexy sex life, or another just sharing warm sweet little nothings with your partner throughout the day, there are a lot of apps that are great for couples to share together on their phones. We Connect, Kouply, Spreadsheets — they're all about improving your relationships and doing something fun together in the process. Check out some of the best apps for pairs below.

1. We Connect

This is some Jetsons-level stuff. The We Connect allows partners to use the We-Vibe 4 Plus vibrator, remotely. Your partner can not only control the style of vibration (echo, crest, peak, cha-cha) but they can also videochat you. This puts Skype sex to shame. It’s perfect for those in LDRs or for when your partner is out of town. Just think of all the fun you could have in a hotel room. Or your old bedroom.

2. Simply Us

If you live and die by your calendar like I do, you’ll love Simply Us. Cheesy name aside, it’s actually a pretty nifty little app that allows you to share a calendar syncing it with ones you may already have. You can also share grocery and to-do lists, as well send photos and texts. Basically, you can keep all your communication in one place.

3. 69 Places

Some people have a bucket list of things they want to do. Bungee jumping. Swimming with Sharks. Hiking in Mongolia. Other people have a list of places where they want to do it. An airplane. The beach. The backseat of a car. 69 Places offers couples a veritable smorgasbord of places couples can hook up, including some you’ve never thought of. Like at a fast food drive thru or at family reunion. Categories are broken down by sex in public places, at home, on transportation etc. It’s a fun game to play and one that will bring you guys closer in more ways than one.

4. Synatop

OK, I’m kind of in love with this one. I love the idea of watching a movie together even when you’re apart. There’s something romantic and sweet about it. So technically it isn’t an app, but if you both have a laptop you’re good to go. Synatop lets you watch the same thing together in real time so you’ll never have to worry about syncing your start times. You can even listen to music together. Put that together with We Connect and you could have yourself quite an evening.

5. Kouply

For competitive types, this app is a no brainer. Every time your partner does something nice you can send your partner points. Not that your partner should need any encouragement to do loving and tender things for you, but this certainly gives them an incentive. And vice versa.

6. Fix A Fight

What better way to diffuse a fight than with an app? When you don’t feel like talking or you just want to calm things down, Fix A Fight can be a fun and silly way to resolve your differences. Of course this won’t work in every situation. If you’re ready to kill your partner, you might want to avoid this one. But if they’re just angry you forgot their birthday this be the trick. If nothing else, maybe it will help you win an argument with them.

7. Spreadsheets

Another one for those competitive couples out there, Spreadsheets monitors your performance in bed. It works by tracking your movement and the sounds you make as well as how long you lasted, providing an analysis of how you did. Whether or not such an app really tells you much of anything is not the point. But it can be a funny way to mix your love life.

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