Rihanna Covers British 'Vogue's April Issue & Serves Up Some Serious Cowboy Chicness — PHOTO

Rihanna has been winning 2016, between releasing her smash hit Work, to collaborating with PUMA on shoes (which have sold out continuously, by the way), and now, she does it yet again: Rihanna covers British Vogue for their April 2016 issue, making this her second cover for the coveted fashion magazine. And I have to say, I'm not surprised.

After years (although, it felt like centuries, to be honest) of waiting for Rihanna's newest album, it finally came. But not without fans harassing her on Twitter, asking her when it was coming out. I was tempted to join the bandwagon, trust me. But I knew she had something good in store for us, and as it turns out, I was right.

I woke up to a frantic Facebook chat from my best friend linking me to Work and I immediately fell in love with it, and listened probably a good 80 times before I decided to move onto another song. And when the release of Anti came just moments later, it seemed like the world was giving us good juju. I've got to say, RiRi has done it yet again. Don't forget: She's always woke. This cover only made sense.

And it's not only the cover that she's announcing: She showed off her footwear collaboration with a Sex and the City alum shoe designer: Manolo Blahnik. If this isn't a sign that Rihanna's about to take over the fashion industry, I don't know what is. I mean, guys, this is a big deal. This is Manolo Blahnik we're talking about here.

On the cover, Rihanna rocks an embroidered jacket with a matching blinged-out cowboy hat. Sounds like a crazy combination, but who else could pull this off? No one other than RiRi herself. She's had some pretty bold fashion choices in the past, and they've always worked for her. How could we forget her golden Met Gala dress? We can't.

According to Vogue, Rihanna rocked her favorite look from the Blahnik collaboration in her shoot: thigh high embellished heeled boots. Yup, you heard that right. These aren't for the faint of heart. But would we expect anything else from our girl?

Rihanna is such an enigma — in the world of over exposed celebrities, we often don't hear much about her personal life, so this is one interview I'm definitely looking forward to reading. And if her current trajectory says anything, Rihanna's only going to keep surprising and impressing us with her fashion takeover.

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Images: British Vogue