April's 'Grey's Anatomy' Secret Is Hers To Share

April and Jackson may have just finished signing their divorce papers on Grey’s Anatomy, but April’s womb certainly had other plans for their relationship. Viewers (and I guess April herself) just learned that April is pregnant, the result of one final tryst with her now-ex-husband, and, boy, is she about to step in it. So far, April has only told Arizona, but Alex figured it out pretty fast. Will Alex tell Jackson about April’s pregnancy?

April’s kept this whole baby thing pretty mum, partly because she’s only nine weeks along and because she and the baby daddy just got divorced. I don’t think April even really wants to tell him — she just wants a baby, and she could certainly raise a kid on her own. April should, though, tell Jackson — he could want the baby, too. Their first child, Samuel, died shortly after birth due to catastrophic birth defects, and his death was the beginning of the end for their relationship. It just exacerbated all of their differences before finally April ran off to help orphans in Jordan and Jackson tried his best to forget all about her while he was in Seattle. Arizona would never tell Jackson, but Alex? Alex knowing about this pregnancy complicates things.

Look — 2016 Alex Karev is certainly a kinder, gentler Alex Karev than the one we met in the 2005 pilot episode. He’s grown a lot as a person and as a doctor, and I don’t think that he means April any harm. That being said, this secret is certainly not Alex’s to tell. April has to decide to tell Jackson about their baby if and when she’s ready to do so. That could be tomorrow, or it could be as soon as she starts showing (because, let’s face it, she can’t go too long after that). Alex’s motive for telling Jackson would be from a place of benevolence, but ultimately, it’s not his decision to make either way.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy