Who Blackmailed Melissa On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Charlotte's Killer May Have Needed Some Cash

If you thought the Hastings family wasn't already carrying around enough secrets, last Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars made sure to rectify that doubt by revealing that Melissa was being blackmailed over Bethany's murder. Apparently this person had somehow managed to get their hands on the tape that showed Melissa confessing to the crime and was using it to extort money from her. (You really shouldn't leave those type of things lying around, FYI.) And while Melissa did, in fact, cough up the money thanks to Peter Hastings, the exchange was immediately followed by Charlotte's death, which kinda makes it seem like these two things are connected. But in order to know that for sure, we have to first find out who blackmailed Melissa on Pretty Little Liars ?

I want to believe that the Hastings wouldn't just leave damaging evidence like that out in the open for anyone to take, so it's reasonable to guess that this blackmailer could be someone that they know and trust. Or someone who played a big part in the original A game. I'm, of course, referring to Charlotte, who upon her release from the hospital could've reverted back to her old A ways. She may have thought it'd be the perfect way collect some starting money now that she was free. But then again, maybe that's a little too obvious? The hosts of Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, also have some thoughts on Melissa's blackmailer, which you can listen to below.

Of course, that's just one possibility in an endless array of suspects. Charlotte may have had nothing to do with it — well, not directly at least. Let's not forget that before her reign of terror ended, she found a protege in Sara Harvey. I'm sure Sara was aware of what Melissa did. Maybe this was her way of picking up the A mantle or perhaps she just wanted to see Spencer's family suffer as payback for when the Liars abandoned her after her accident.

Then again, it could be someone who looks completely innocent on the outside, like Lucas or Alison. However, my gut tells me that there's a solid chance that Melissa's blackmailer and Charlotte's killer are one in the same. Remember that SUV that Emily was trying to track down? You know, the one that almost ran her over in order to retrieve the murder weapon? We're all under the same impression that it belongs to Charlotte's killer, right? Well, after that shady auto shop worker finished the repairs on it, she reached under the vehicle to find a huge envelope full of cash.

Hmmm, I wonder how the killer could've gotten their hands on so much money to give away? Maybe by, oh I don't know, blackmailing someone? So, in a weird way, Melissa could've unintentionally funded Charlotte's killer to help cover up the crime, which I guess technically would make her an accessory to yet another murder. I tell ya, those Hastings never can stay out of trouble. For even more PLL theories, check out previous episodes of Taking This One To The Grave below.

Images: Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr