11 Outfits From Limited Too We Still Miss Wearing Every Day — PHOTOS

Before it was rebranded as Justice, my childhood self would run from the mall parking lot straight to the neon doors of Limited Too, where tunes from Justin Bieber's Christmas album or the soundtrack to The Lizzie McGuire Movie greeted my sister and me. I still remember fighting with her over the Limited Too outfits: Who saw the one-shoulder tank first? Which one of use rocked the bejeweled jeans best?

Now, 12 years later — four of those years given to Justice as a sales associate — I know that Limited Too will forever have a soft spot in my heart, if only for the stretchy shirts, knitted bandanas and the bratty fights with my sister. But those 12 years have also taught me to appreciate my parents more. Especially for how much I asked them to pay for a shirt that would definitely not last one year — either because I outgrew it or because it just wasn't what you would call "high quality material."

Despite the price tag, which would likely be three times higher now than it was in 2004, there are classic Limited Too pieces I dearly miss today. And with the resurgence of Limited Too happening sometime this year, these 11 outfits from Limited Too brought me right back to my fashionably angsty tween days.

1. Long Plaid Tanks

Limited Too was great in the way that served a diverse female population, including girls who wanted to be stylish at schools that required uniforms. But because the plaid was not enough for the school season, they created extra long plaid tanks that could be worn with extra flared jeans or, of course, leggings!

Which brings me too...

2. All Of The Leggings

Rompers. Short dresses. Long dresses. Long tanks. Anything! Leggings went with everything at Limited Too. Thank goodness they offered them in different styles, such as leggings that tied at the bottom (see tween on the left), leggings that were bedazzled up the leg, and leggings in every color of the rainbow.

3. Beach Wear

Don't get me wrong, I loved those frilled tanks and I layered them like it was my job. But to be on a beach in a matching tank and skirt was literal goals. Instead for family vacations, my mother brought me one of my dad's old T-shirts to use as a cover up.

4. Furry Scarves

Sure, a part of me is churning over that lilac furry scarf, but can you just imagine how warm her neck is? Bring it on, Midwest winter.

5. One Shoulder Tanks

I clearly remember these one-shoulder tanks becoming popular the summer before I started junior high. And I clearly remember thinking, like a middle school girl, that if I rocked these all summer, I would enter junior high with the fiercest confidence. But my sister beat me to it, and I got braces and glasses in junior high instead. I wish these would come back in style so I could have my second chance.

6. Anything Glitter Writing

Because your cool factor went up like 10 points if you walked into school with "Limited Too" written in sparkles on your T-shirt.

7. Tie-Sleeve Tees

Let's be honest: Limited Too was the originator of the athleisure trend. There's no way these girls were on their way to play a soccer game, but they brought their printed, velcro T-shirt sleeve ties just in case one spontaneously erupted.

8. The Bathing Suits

Limited Too was where I bought my first ever two-piece bathing suit. It was a tankini, but it was a big step for my mother to buy it for me. So their printed, glittery suits will always have a place in my heart.

9. Grunge Attire

Right after my obsession with Limited Too ended, I went into a pretty hard ~alternative~ phase, which I blame entirely on the grunge style Limited Too tried to emulate. That plaid black, white and yellow shirt is also likely laced with a shimmery gold thread.

10. Knitted Bandanas

Because Limited Too was all about the accessories and layering (hello, marketing ploy) bandanas weren't just for summer. Instead, some amazing genius in their company knitted a bandana that suits winter and fall months as well. And I need to know where these went because I would totally still rock this today.

11. The Satin Pajamas

Because let's be honest, our pajamas look more like boxers and an oversized T-shirt nowadays. These silk pajamas and animal-inspired slippers were much more comfortable.

Ah, Limited Too. You'll forever hold a sparkly, lace-trimmed spot in my heart.

Images: Courtesy Marke Communications; Courtesy Limited Too