Diane Offers Alicia A Partnership On 'The Good Wife,' But What Does That Mean For Cary?

Ever since Alicia has returned to Lockhart, Agos & Lee, Cary and David Lee have been suspicious of Diane's intentions on The Good Wife . Alicia was, after all, name partner before she left the firm, and Diane has always worked well with her. Could Diane be trying to push them out and form an all-female firm? What started as a small fear became fully formed paranoia a few weeks ago, when Cary and David asked Jason to investigate whether or not Diane had asked Alicia about an all-female firm. What began as paranoia, however, seems to have become a reality. Diane offered Alicia a partnership on The Good Wife with the end goal of pushing out Cary (and, supposedly, David Lee). Alicia has yet to respond, but her answer could have some serious consequences.

Diane wasn't incredibly welcoming to Alicia when she returned to the firm, which is likely why her proposal to work together was so unexpected. What she offered was this: the two of them would work together as a team with the goal of eventually buying Cary out. While Diane likes Cary, he's no Will Gardner, and she thinks Alicia brings a fight to the firm that it will need going forward — a spirit that Cary simply doesn't have.

Diane didn't require an answer right away, and whether or not Alicia is on board with Diane's proposed alliance remains to be seen. After her meeting with Diane, Alicia confided in Lucca, telling her about Diane's offer. The only thing stopping Alicia from accepting is her loyalty to Cary. Cary and Alicia started a firm together, and he had previously called Alicia and asked her to come to him if Diane approached her about pushing him out. Lucca advised Alicia to go to Cary and keep her word, but Alicia ended the episode by going home with Jason, choosing to avoid making a decision altogether.

Here's hoping Alicia won't turn her back on Cary, who's the only reason she has a job at the firm in the first place. That said, Lockhart, Florrick sure does have a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Image: David M. Russell/CBS; bebeneuwirths/tumblr