'Bachelor' Ben Has A Lot To Prove To JoJo's Family

I think it's safe to assume that fans are all still recovering from the hometown dates episode of The Bachelor. Between Ben smiling through a screaming toddler-filled car ride and dodging some heavy interrogation from Lauren's sister, things were seemingly becoming super stressful for our beloved Ben. Little did we know that the moments with JoJo's family held the real dramatic gems. The most protective brothers in America made their Bachelor debut and we all awkwardly squirmed in our seats right along with Ben as they cut him down to size about his intentions for their sister. Now that JoJo is one of the final two ladies left, would a proposal change JoJo's brothers' minds about Ben?

I'm not so sure that a proposal will make JoJo's brothers feel more comfortable with Ben or with their sister being a part of The Bachelor. Watching their interaction during the hometown dates episode made it obvious that their issue doesn't seem to lie with the outcome of the show. They seem to have more of a problem with Ben himself. Initially, Bachelor Nation couldn't fathom anyone having a problem with our Benjamin. Unfortunately, after his fantasy suite bonanza and double love bomb that he dropped in Jamaica, people may be joining JoJo's brothers and wondering if Ben is playing mind games.

I have to be honest, I find myself starting to wonder whether Ben has possibly manipulated things at times. Jamaica left a very sour taste in a lot of fans' mouths. Watching Caila jump out of the car after she was eliminated was really tough to watch. She didn't quite get the entire question out of her mouth, but it seemed obvious that she was asking him if he knew he was in love with JoJo and Lauren when he asked her to stay the night with him in the Fantasy Suite. Fans' collective hearts broke for Caila, and I found myself wanting to join JoJo's brothers in an aggressive interrogation focusing on Ben's true intentions with these ladies.

The problem with this whole thing is, even if Ben proposes to JoJo, the promos have made it clear that he is also in love with Lauren. It looks like his final decision is made under serious duress, and I don't think that will sit well with the brothers. After all, their entire problem rested on their doubts about Ben's commitment to their sister and their discomfort with the idea that she is one of many girls vying for his heart.

Another issue that may not be solved with a proposal is the fact that Ben has what seems like a record number of ladies who confessed their love for him. The contestants really fell hard this season, and one of JoJo's brother's had a real issue with that. "You brainwash these girls way too much, man. To see my sister like that… she’s obviously starting to have real emotional feelings, but I don’t get the same read [from you]." Although Ben defended himself against those accusations saying his feelings for JoJo were real, Ben's shenanigans in Jamaica probably didn't do a whole lot to convince JoJo's family that he is taking these women's deep feelings seriously.

Hopefully things will get easier for everyone involved if JoJo ends up with the proposal in the end. I think once the brothers see some actual evidence that Ben is in it for the long haul with their baby sister, they will ease up a bit — I hope!

Images: Jean Whiteside/ABC (2)