Abbi's 'Broad City' Tinder Adventures Are Painful

After a couple seasons, Abbi on Broad City has finally reached trainer status at her job at the gym Soulstice and because of that, she's gotten much closer to her boss Trey. Actually, a bit too close for her comfort since Abbi made out with Trey on Broad City during the Mar. 9 episode, "Rat Pack." And, the drunken kiss at a Soulstice work party led to Abbi joining Tinder. Abbi was so horrified that she made out with Trey that she decided she needed to get with another guy stat and turned to the hookup app to solve her problem.

While Ilana was battling a rat and cash flow problem, Abbi's main concern during "Rat Pack" was learning how Tinder works, which obviously led to hilarity. At first, she was feeling good about herself that she was getting matches so quickly, but as with Tinder and all things Broad City, there was a catch. Poor, sweet Abbi didn't know she could swipe left on men she found undesirable, and she also thought she had to meet every person she matched with. So not only did she swipe right on everyone, indicating interest, she also invited all those ill-advised matches to the party Ilana was hosting at hers and Jaime's rat-infested apartment leading to a bizarre, Tinder parade.

A few years too late, Abbi learned that searching for hookups via Tinder is not an simple as it seems. After she swiped right on a photo of a young Denzel Washington and invited him to the party, she learned that not everyone is who they say they are on the Internet. (Shocking, I know.) Yet, some of the best moments on Broad City are when the levelheaded Abbi (well, levelheaded compared to Ilana) loses her mind and becomes completely reactionary. Thus, how she ended up with a fake Denzel Washington, a Nazi sympathizer, and just a cute guy with bad teeth in Ilana's bedroom.

Through her brief fling Tinder, Abbi decided she's better with judging men by their appearances in person than through the app and ended up making out with the dyslexic delivery man who came to Ilana's apartment. Yet, even that cute guy couldn't remove Trey completely from her mind, as he made a "that's what she said" joke that was very reminiscent of something her hyped-up boss would say (as Ilana and Jaime were sure to note).

While I don't think Abbi will turn to Tinder again, she's definitely going to need to find more distractions from thinking about Trey since I don't think that kiss will be a one-and-done thing. Not that Broad City will make Abbi and Trey a functional couple or anything, but I wouldn't mind seeing the awkwardness that would ensue if that pair went on a date. Luckily, her best friend is Ilana — the most distracting person in the world — and she will probably prove to be much more effective than Tinder in taking Abbi's mind off of Trey for now.

Images: Comedy Central (2)