'Broad City' & The Importance Of BFFs & Bathrooms

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer answered the age-old — yet somehow rarely asked — question of "What happens in another person's bathroom?" during the Season 3 premiere of Broad City . Admittedly, not everyone's toilets see the kind of action that Abbi and Ilana's saw in their split-screen, nearly two-minute cold open, but they gave credit where credit is due by unabashedly showing what goes down in the most underappreciated, yet most important room that has ever existed. Not that I had thought the ladies would let me down in their third season, but the Broad City bathroom intro, plus the epic search for a place to pee in New York City that framed the episode "Two Chainz," showed the ladies are back — and fouler and funnier than ever.

I'm very passionate about how no one should be ashamed to use a public bathroom for whatever it is a person needs to get done — pooping or otherwise. Abbi and Ilana showed that they use their private bathrooms for all sorts of shenanigans that Ilana's therapist would love to hear about, but their time in public bathrooms in "Two Chainz" was equally ridiculous. On a mission to get Abbi a new shirt for an art gallery show, the women were in desperate need to find a place to pee in a city apparently devoid of public bathrooms.

This real-life struggle that almost every human — particularly female humans — that Abbi and Ilana had to deal with lead to near disastrous rides in a port-o-potty and on a truck. And, through my laughter, I wondered why they didn't head back to their apartments where they had previously displayed that their bathrooms are sanctuaries of eating, breast examining, oral sexing, Hillary Clinton memoir-reading, non-positive pregnancy tests-celebrating (and lamenting positive ones), and straightening their pubic hair — not to mention pooping and peeing.

Side note: If you're digging the song that was used in the bathroom opener, it's "Let 'Em Say" by Lizzo and Caroline Smith and the song's message about women not giving a f*ck could not possibly be more appropriate for Broad City than if Abbi and Ilana wrote it themselves.

But, back to an equally important subject here: Toilets. One of the broads from Broad City didn't make it in time to use a bathroom before peeing on herself, but honestly, there was no shame in the situation. Well, at least, in the rightfully shameless world of Broad City that is.

If you overlook all of the illogic steps Abbi and Ilana had made to land in this toilet-free zone (three bottles of sparkling water?!), isn't Broad City showing us how cruel the world can be when humans are searching for a place to handle one of their base needs? It makes the world of their private apartment bathrooms, where dance parties can happen at any time and smoking week is a routine event, so welcoming that it's amazing these women would ever leave the house. Yet, that's the joy of living in a city you love and having a best friend you'd do anything for — it makes you want to go outside and explore the world, the search for public toilets be damned. And, for that, I am thankful. Because I can't wait to see what else Abbi and Ilana get themselves into, outside of their bathrooms, during the rest of Broad City Season 3.

Images: Comedy Central (2)