Who Is The Guy With The Lace Tattoo? The ‘Bachelor’ Fan Needs To Explain Himself On ‘Women Tell All'

Just when I thought I was the biggest Lace Morris fan, a Bachelor superfan went and outdid me by a mile — or more like a million miles. A clip was released from The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special (which airs Monday night) that shows a guy who has a tattoo of Lace's face on his body. What?!

In the clip, Lace says that after watching herself on The Bachelor, she has done a lot of soul searching and focused on self improvement. She talks about her journey to love herself before she can find love with anyone else, and mentions that she got a tattoo that says "You have to love yourself before you can love someone else" on her ring finger. At this point, she's interrupted by the tattooed superfan who calls her both "crazy" and "crazy beautiful" before he lifts up his shirt to reveal the Lace-inspired tattoo.

More than anything, I want to know who this man is. Does he have other reality TV-inspired tattoos? Did he do this on his own or did The Bachelor producers put him up to it to entertain people like me? How long did it take to get that tattoo? How much did it cost?

In an attempt to find information on this interesting man I thoroughly creeped online and I can't figure it out, so he better spill when Women Tell All airs. I also don't know if the tattoo is real or fake, but I am hoping more than anything that it's legit. If it's not then I am willing to start a GoFundMe page to make that ink permanent.

ABC Television Network on YouTube

Even if I never learn his exact reasoning for getting a Lace Morris tattoo, I totally get why he is infatuated with her. Lace's antics on the first night of The Bachelor stole the show. She had a million great quotes while she was hating on the other ladies and did whatever she could to make out with Ben. But soon, she quickly became the most endearing person on the planet when she realized that she just wasn't quite ready for love and eliminated herself from the competition so she could put time into self improvement. The woman entertained us all and has had some great personal growth. I can see why she would have such a dedicated fan!

Image: ABC/Kelsey McNeal