16 Things Every Harry Potter Fan Must Do

You've read all the books (too many times), you've seen all the movies (more than once), and you're absolutely certain that you'll be a Harry Potter fan until the day you die. Thankfully, we live in a world that not only accepts our passion for HP, but embraces it. With the newest additions to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the announcement of the new Harry Potter book, and a potential Yule Ball in the future, there's never been a better time to be alive and in love with all things Harry and Hogwarts.

There's an endless list of sites to see, foods to taste, and things to try within the Harry Potter fandom. So much so, I've gathered together a list of 16 things every die-hard HP fan must do within their lifetime. Some are easy, like making sure Pottermore has officially placed you in your Hogwarts House, whereas others will take a bit of planning, like visiting the town of Edinburgh, the birthplace of the series.

Consider this just the beginning of the HP bucket list. As more Harry Potter events and places pop up in the Muggle world, the more we'll have to do. So let's get started!

1. Throw A Harry Potter Themed Party

Don't lie, you've dreamed of throwing, or at least attending, a Harry Potter party since you read the first novel. Imagine everyone dressed up as their favorite characters, the movie soundtrack playing in the background, and a cake just like the one Hagrid brought Harry in the first book — it all sounds too good to be true. But it isn't! You can do it with these helpful tips! I helped throw a major HP party for my roommate a few years ago, and it was a hit. With a fake brick door, chopstick wands, homemade butterbeer, and a lot of hanging candles, it was the best party I've ever attended.

2. Visit Every Harry Potter Theme Park Around The World

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This is a lifetime of travel we're talking about — Florida, England, Scotland, Portugal. Check out these 14 places every HP fan must visit in their lifetime, and get to planning. Unfortunately, portkeys aren't real, and airplane fare is a bit expensive. But these trips will totally be worth every penny.

3. Take The Perfect Photo At Platform 9 ¾

If and when you get the chance to visit all of the incredible HP themed places around the world, you must, and I repeat, you MUST take a perfect pic at Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station in London, England. It will forever be your favorite picture of all time.

4. Take A Trip To Edinburgh

The birthplace of Harry Potter is an absolute must on every HP to-do list. Visit the iconic Elephant House cafe where Rowling wrote some of the books, and wander around the quaint little town. You'll feel as if you're in Hogsmeade.

5. Get Sorted Into A Hogwarts House On Pottermore

I can't imagine how any super HP fan hasn't already done this, but just in case you haven't, do it ASAP! You probably already know your house, but it isn't official until Pottermore has sorted you.

6. Get A Wand

The next thing you have to do is get yourself a wand. You can mimic one of the greats and get yourself a version of Harry, Hermione, or Ron's wand, or you can get your own personalized wand from this adorable Etsy shop.

7. Learn Your Signature Spell

What's a wand good for if you don't know any spells? After reading the series too many times to count, I don't doubt that you already know a few spells by heart, but it never hurts to find out your signature spell. Harry is known for Expelliarmus — what are you known for?

8. Find Our What Your Patronus Is

Again, you probably already know this, but will another online quiz hurt? I didn't think so, either.

9. Get Your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

If you're still waiting around to receive your acceptance letter, you're not alone. But it's time to get stuff done, and if that means ordering yourself a Hogwarts letter for fun. You won't regret it, because having that letter framed on your wall will forever make you happy.

10. Write With A Quill

This probably seems silly — and like a small task among a very large list — but it's still important. If you've never written with a quill, you're missing out on the fun... and frustration. It'll make you feel like you're officially a Hogwarts student the moment you finish a homework assignment or office project with a quill in hand.

11. Ride A Steam Train

You know you want to feel like you're on the Hogwarts Express, so book yourself a steam train ticket with a view, and enjoy the ride.

12. Make Harry Potter Themed Treats

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Treat yourself to some butterbeer from scratch, or make your own chocolate frog molds. There's a bunch of fun options when it comes to HP treats, and it could make for a really geeky date night!

13. Try Bertie's Every Flavor Beans With A Friend

Speaking of treats, you aren't an official HP fan until you've made your tongue hate you after trying Bertie's Every Flavor Beans with a fellow HP lover. Is it buttered popcorn or earwax flavor? You won't know until you try.

14. Attend A Real-Life Quidditch Match, Or Host One Yourself


I went to an art school for college, so naturally there was a Quidditch team rather than a football or basketball team. But even if you don't attend a nerdy school, there are Quidditch games played around the world, and you can (and definitely should) attend one!

15. Stay In A Harry Potter Themed Hotel

There's the Georgian House in England, or the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Oregon. You can't put a price tag on fulfilling a lifelong dream of staying in a room that makes you feel as though you're finally a part of the Harry Potter world.

16. Gift Harry Potter To Someone Who Has Never Read Or Seen The Series

My older sister gave me the series when I was younger, and I can't wait to give my niece her very own first copy. There isn't a better feeling than passing down something you love with all your heart to someone you adore more than anyone else.

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