'The Voice' Coaches Wait Until The Very Last Minute To Turn For Hannah Huston

Sometimes it's the first note that gets the coaches to turn but other times it's the last. That was the case for The Voice hopeful Hannah Huston who received a three-chair turn at the literal last second of her Blind Audition. The 24-year-old preschool teacher performed a soulful rendition of "Unaware" that really showed off her unique, raspy sound. While the coaches clearly enjoyed her performance, they hesitated to hit their buttons because they were waiting for something awesome to happen. Thankfully, that finally happened at the very end. Thanks to her final note, Huston has earned a spot on Team Pharrell and will get a shot at the Season 15 The Voice title.

There's no doubt about it, Huston's performance was impressive. It was soulful, strong and interesting, and had me hanging on to every note. There's a cool, raspy tone to her voice that's unlike anything else we've heard so far this season. Huston is unique — which is why I was so surprised that it took the coaches so long to turn their chairs for her.

At this point in the auditions, the coaches still have quite a few open spots on their teams. They may not be as button happy as they were in the first episode of the season, but it's too early to be so conservative with the chair turning. Huston's strong audition certainly deserved an earlier turn, but I'll chalk it up to the fact that she was the first of the night and the coaches were still getting into it.

The good news is that Huston did get three chairs to turn and had her pick of coaches. Ultimately, she chose Pharrell — which is a perfect fit. He'll be able to work with her on the technical side of her voice and help perfect her unique sound. It's too early to say how she'll do in this game, but, with a unique talent like hers and Coach Pharrell on her side, Huston certainly has the potential to go far.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC