Jane & Michael Are Engaged On 'Jane The Virgin,' So Let's Hope This Time It's For Keeps

If there was one thing that was going to steal the spotlight from Petra giving birth, it would be Michael proposing to Jane on Jane the Virgin , and I'm happy to say that is exactly what happened. That's right, my friends — Jane and Michael are engaged (again) and it happened in the most adorable way possible. You wouldn't think that such a romantic moment could happen right outside of a hospital, but these two managed to pull it off. But Michael had hinted earlier in the episode that a proposal was coming and boy did he apparently mean it. As for Jane, she could barely let him get the words out before answering him in tears — while kneeling on the ground beside him —with a resounding "yes!"

Seriously, if your heart doesn't grow at least three full sizes after watching this scene then you might want to see a cardiac surgeon or something because that icy cold lump in your chest is clearly not working properly. Even non-Michael and Jane 'shippers have to admit how sweet this moment was and how happy they both looked. Granted, they had appeared to be that happy before the whole baby thing right before it all fell apart, but it's like Jane said. They've both changed since then and aren't the same people that they were, which is a good thing. They fit better together now, which means they also stand a better chance of making it last this time around.

Now, I'm sure that they'll still face a number of obstacles before the big day, but if this proposal is any indication of their future as a couple, then I'd say that they're in good hands. Mark my words, this engagement is going to be for keeps.

Image: Tyler Golden/The CW