Is Your Favorite Brand One Of The Most Ethical Companies In Fashion & Beauty? Find Out

Earlier this week, the annual Ethisphere Institute's World's Most Ethical Companies List was released, but if you've never heard of it (like me), don't worry — it's not as complicated as it sounds. It's an annual compilation of companies that are going above and beyond when it comes to ethical standards. So, I had to wonder if any of my favorite fashion and beauty brands were on the most ethical companies list, and it turns out, several made the cut.

I'm all about ethical fashion brands, and I love when companies commit to fair labor practices, producing their products in the United States or investing in green business practices. There are so many ethical brands out there, but it's fun to see some recognized alongside huge corporations. So what were the standards? Ethisphere says the companies it chose prioritize "promoting ethical business standards and practices internally, enabling managers and employees to make good choices, and shaping future industry standards by introducing tomorrow’s best practices today."

I love to celebrate companies for their hard work in terms of making their business environments a great place for employees to work. I also love the part about creating new best practices for ethical practices in the future, because planning for that is so crucial to success. So, who made the list?

1. H&M

The Sweden-based company is known for its eco-friendly lines, which are a major component of an ethics plan in my opinion.

2. Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi's, the classic brand, is so quintessentially American. Despite being so classic, it's also entering the tech space using smart fabrics in collaboration with Google.

3. Target

I'm obsessed with Target, and it's no question the company is all about creating an ethical plan for its company. Plus, its line of gender-neutral bedding is a major breakthrough for a large corporation.

4. Natura Cosmeticos

This Brazilian cosmetics company, which you may not have heard of, has committed to the creation of sustainable and eco-friendly products. If you don't know, now you know!

5. L'Oreal

Even though this cosmetics and beauty giant is such a huge corporation, they've committed to not test products on animals. Kudos!

6. Kao Corporation

This Japan-based company is a major cosmetics force that you may not have heard of. It owns every company from my beloved Molton Brown (obsessed with the Gingerlily body wash) to Jergens, Biore, and John Frieda. Who knew?

7. Shiseido

Another force from Japan, Shiseido is known for its amazing skincare products, but it's also the creator of Lady Gaga's latest campaign, which had a powerful message about beauty.

These, of course, aren't the only fashion and beauty companies that are committed to ethical practices. For the full list, head over to Ethisphere's website.

Image: H&M