These Tech Trends Impact Your Wardrobe

Always buying the latest tech gear? Well, your next purchase may be a pair of pants, thanks to a collaboration between Levis and Google that's in the works. Your clothing may soon be able to communicate with your iPhone. Yes, really. The new technology, which Google has tentatively named "Project Jacquard" (no, not the woven fabric that's definitely in your grandmother's house somewhere), is a conductive yarn made from special microfibers.

This high-tech fabric would be stitched into clothing — if Levis in involved, this could be your next pair of jeans — and then would be able to interact with some kind of mobile device like a smartphone.

What the technology would actually be useful for (the only thing I can think of is a super high-tech version of Dance Dance Revolution) is still in the works, but it seems like with Jacquard, the possibilities are endless. However, Jacquard isn't the first attempt to make high-tech clothes mainstream, and many brands and tech companies are attempting to add a little more pizazz to your everyday outfit. Check out these four high-tech fashion updates that prove the future will certainly be interesting.

1. Shoes That Change Color

Earlier this year, a Lithuanian tech company created a high heel that can change colors through an app on your smartphone. That's right, with a tap of a button on your phone (as seen in the video above), you can change your shoes to display an array of colors and patterns. Now that's a shoe that goes with every outfit.

2. A Handbag with a Charger

Instead of worrying about your phone dying while you're out (because it always does, at the most inconvenient times), why don't you just have your bag charge it for you? The genius idea comes from Ralph Lauren's newest take on the classic Ricky bag, called "Ricky with a Light." The black leather purse features an LED light as well as a USB charger so your phone can easily stay at 100 percent. But with a $5,000 price tag, we'll have to pass... #goals.

3. Jewelry That Keeps You Safe

Cuff is one of the many companies combining practicality with fashion. Offering a variety of bracelets and pendants, the wearer can accessorize with a gadget that notifies you of texts, tracks your exercise, and even has a button to send out emergency alerts. What's even better — it's pretty affordable, with pieces starting at $49.

4. Magic Fitting Room Mirrors

Okay, so definitely not as mean or judgmental as that mirror from Snow White that terrified me as a child, but many companies are working on adding more technology to the dressing room experience. These "smart mirrors," which are being tested in select Neiman Marcus stores, allow the shopper to take pictures of multiple outfits, email options to friends, and even see a 360 degree view of the look.

Images: Courtesty Brands, Giphy