Robert Pattinson Is Designing A Clothing Line, So Watch Out Kanye

Move over Yeezy — Robert Pattinson is the latest celebrity to embark on a fashion career. In an interview with Numéro Homme magazine, Pattinson revealed that he is designing clothes and has actually been working on a line for the last couple of years. This isn't just a hobby for the former film heartthrob either. Not only has Pattinson done his research, but he has actually made several garments.

"For the last two years, I've been visiting producers and craftsmen," he said. "There's already quite a few pieces. I love doing it. My style is influenced by the cities I go to, sourcing fabrics and local skills. In Los Angeles it's really easy to work with denim and do workwear inspired clothes. In England I look more towards wool and knitwear. What I do is pretty multifaceted, clothes for men and for women, things that I make with friends."

I bet die-hard Twilight fans are wondering when and how they can get their hands on these pieces from the R-Pattz collection, but they will just have to wait. Pattinson's still on the working stages of his fashion venture and is keeping things under wraps. "I'm not going into too much detail," he said. "I don't want to jinx anything."

Until Pattinson's ready to pull a Kanye and stage a Fashion Week show, we can only speculate what his clothes will actually look like. By the sound of it, he uses denim and other durable material for his garments.

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There might also be less casual items in the collection because, let's face it, R-Pattz wears suits really well. Exhibit A: the Met Gala.

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Plus, he's probably picked up a high fashion pointers as the face of Dior Homme.

Good luck with the fashion venture, Rob!

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