Lisa Vanderpump's House Is SO Over-The-Top

Say what you want about Lisa Vanderpump, but whether you are a fan or a hater, you cannot deny that she is really living the life — just look at her home. Even other rich people with mansions have to be impressed with all of the extra indulgences on her property. She and her husband, Ken Todd, really take the wealth game to another level. There are so many random opulent things in Lisa Vanderpump's house. I don't even know where to begin. From stylish decor to several species of live animals, there is just so much going on at her property. I mean, she even gave the house its own name, Villa Rosa, which is pretty opulent in and of itself.

I have no idea how Lisa can even keep track of everything in her own house. It's not like she has an abundance of free time. She stars on the shows Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. She owns 20-something restaurants. She designs her clothing, home decor, and pet products. The woman is busy. I'm sure she's not looking after each animal by herself and that she does have some help, but it's so clear that she is the kind of person who pays attention to detail and has major control of her home — and there's A LOT to handle.

1. An Abundance Of Dogs

We all know Giggy, Lisa's famous dog, but there are so many more dogs at Villa Rosa. It can be hard to keep track. Lisa is always taking in and taking care of new dogs. She is the ultimate animal rescuer.

2. Expensive Perfumes

Lisa looks great all the time, so it makes sense for her to smell great all the time too. Even her perfume collection is pretty luxe and is surrounded by various crystals and diamonds.

3. Vanderpump Beverly Hills Products

If Lisa Vanderpump is going to put her name on a collection, it only makes sense for her to fill her house with it. Villa Rosa has plenty of products from Lisa's home products line Vanderpump Beverly Hills collection.

4. The Chaise Lounge In The Bathroom

I already take a long time to get ready, but I would never leave my bathroom if it looked like this. The room is huge and even has a chaise lounge to relax on during extended visits. Once again, Lisa is the epitome of luxury.

5. A Giant Teddy Bear

I have no idea how long this lasted in Lisa's house, but then again I don't even know how anyone would be able to throw out this giant teddy bear. Knowing Lisa, this bear probably has its own room.

6. Flamingo Pool Rafts

There's no way that Lisa would float on a regular pool raft. She takes things to the next level with this giant, inflatable flamingo.

7. Mini Horses

There are a lot of rich people with dogs, but most people don't have miniature horses hanging out on their property every day. But then again, Lisa Vanderpump is not most people.

8. A Mini House For The Mini Horses

Lisa's horses aren't just running free all around Villa Rosa. Lisa lets them live in style in their adorable pink, miniature house.

9. Swans

I've never seen anyone else with pet swans in my whole life. Then again, I don't live in Beverly Hills. I feel like Lisa Vanderpump is the only person who can pull off owning swans in a semi-casual manner.

10. An Infinity Pool

No mansion is complete without an awesome pool. I have no idea if Lisa even swims, but Villa Rosa wouldn't be what it was if she didn't have this amazing pool.

11. Pink Flowers Everywhere

Based on Instagram and the RHOBH episodes that I've watched, it feels like there are various pink flowers in every room. All pink everything is just such a #TotalLisaMove.

12. Villa Rosa Sign

What kind of house has its own title and logo? Lisa Vanderpump's does. Of course, Villa Rosa has its own official signage. At this point nothing surprises me when it comes to her decor.

13. Pink Chairs

Pink is Lisa's signature color so it is not at all shocking that she has pink chairs in her home.

14. Swan Pond

It only makes sense (in a Lisa sort of way) for her to have swan pond if she has swans. It's basically like a moat lining the walkway to her house. Does that mean Lisa's a queen?

Is it too late for me to be adopted by Lisa Vanderpump? I would do anything to live on the Villa Rosa property with all of this cool stuff.