Lauren B. Would Make A Great Bachelorette (If She Somehow Doesn't Win This Thing)

I'll be honest with you, I would be pretty shocked if Lauren Bushnell does not win Ben Higgins' heart on The Bachelor . She is the definite frontrunner and I can see why. These two have the most intense chemistry and a very solid connection. With that being said, if for some reason she does lose, there are a lot of reasons why Lauren should be the next Bachelorette. She is definitely a great catch so if Ben ends up choosing JoJo Fletcher, I'm sure there are 25 dudes who would love to pursue her on national television. I would be beside myself if she "lost" The Bachelor, but it would make her the obvious choice to star in The Bachelorette.

Lauren has so many positive attributes that would make for a compelling season of the reality show. As anyone in Bachelor Nation knows, Lauren is the kind of person that you cannot help but root for, so I just feel like it would make sense for her to become the next Bachelorette if she ends up being the runner-up this season. I do not actually think she is going to lose, but if she does, then this could turn into a win-win situation if she ends up getting another shot at love.

1. She Enjoys Traveling

As a flight attendant, Lauren is used to traveling. On top that, it really does seem like she enjoys exploring new places (based on my Instagram stalking). This could mean that she is open to living anywhere and would be able to make it work with any man she ends up with no matter where he is from.

2. She Is Sincere

Lauren did not instigate any drama during The Bachelor. She was on the show for the right reasons, and is not advertising random teas and teeth whitening products on Instagram to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame. (At least not yet.) Lauren is genuinely searching for love and this is something that both Bachelorette contestants and the viewers would be drawn to.

3. She Has A Supportive Family

Lauren would have her family behind her if she wanted to pursue reality TV dating again. The Bushnells struck the perfect balance of being cautious and accepting when Lauren brought Ben home, so I'm sure that they would support her if she decided to be the Bachelorette.

4. She Is Into Sports

She's a basketball fan and has posted a few Instagrams of herself attending professional sports games, so she'd definitely be into whatever random sports date including during her season — there always is one.

5. Viewers Are Familiar With Her

Lauren has been a part of every episode this season. This means that the viewers "know" her well and are already invested in her life. Everyone (except for Leah Block) loves Lauren, so we would all watch The Bachelorette to support her.

6. She Is Open To Finding Love On TV

She had no issue opening up and sharing with Ben on The Bachelor. She acted like the cameras were not there and truly made herself vulnerable. If anyone could do well with the process of staring in The Bachelorette, it would be someone like Lauren, who is so willing to put herself out there.

7. She Would Make For A Great Comeback Story

If Lauren does not win Ben's heart it will be pretty devastating to see the obvious frontrunner get her heart broken. Going from being on top the entire time, to losing at the last minute would be very sad to see. So going from that to being the Bachelorette would be such a riveting comeback story.

I will absolutely blow my mind if Lauren does not win The Bachelor, but there is a clear upside to the loss: She would make the perfect Bachelorette. No matter what happens, Lauren is a total gem and deserves her chance at long lasting love.

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Image: Levy Moroshan/ABC