Amy Schumer Defends ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Jubilee, Because Being Complicated Isn’t A Bad Thing

From the beginning of Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, I've been a huge fan of Jubilee Sharpe. She's so different from the other contestants this year, and despite her difficult past, she's become a strong, independent woman who doesn't let the bad things that have happened to her hold her back. But during Women Tell All Monday night, the idea that Jubilee is "complicated" was brought up again... and a certain comedian (and former Bachelor guest star) wasn't impressed with how her situation was handled on the show. Amy Schumer defended Jubilee on Twitter Monday night, and her points are definitely something that fans of the show need to consider.

If you watched this season, you already know that early on, Jubilee and Ben had a heart-to-heart about what happened to her family. Before she was adopted by an American family, Jubilee's biological family died in their home country of Haiti, leaving her as the only survivor on her bloodline. And although this has left her with an unimaginable amount of heartbreak and guilt, her strength seemed to be really endearing to Ben... until he realized he no longer had a connection with her. No big, Jubilee was sent home, and on Women Tell All, she was brought back into the hot seat to talk to Chris Harrison about what happened.

She ended up explaining that her fear that she's "hard to love" is still something she grapples with, and acknowledged herself that she is complicated. After that, here's what Harrison said, according to E! Online:

I know you can't control how complicated you are. I assume that's something you fight ... You might be complicated, and I know you stir the pot sometimes, but I hope you realize you're a pretty special woman, and I really appreciate you coming here and opening up the way you did.

After that, Harrison pointed out that Jubilee should take comfort in the fact that Ben liked her and still speaks fondly of her despite her complications, and this is where Schumer began having problems.

After watching Women Tell All myself — and seeing Harrison host countless episodes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette— I do think that Schumer took his words out of context a bit. He was clearly coming at this conversation from a place of respect for Jubilee, but even though Harrison wasn't trying to knock Jubilee, Schumer is still making a very important point. Being complicated doesn't need to be a bad thing, and whether or not a man (or anyone else) thinks you're complicated shouldn't be used as a measuring stick for how worthy or lovable you are.

Jubilee's "baggage" — if you can call a very real, serious tragedy that — isn't a negative thing; it's part of who she is, and everyone has some kind of baggage they tote around with them in their lives. Earlier this season, Ben got frustrated with her because she wasn't opening up enough to him, and it's a recurring theme on this show for Bachelors to see women who aren't ready to put it all out there as a negative, like Chris Soules did when he chose Whitney Bischoff over Becca Tilley last year. And when Olivia shamed Amanda for having kids and comparing her life to Teen Mom, or even when Kalon McMahon straight up called Emily Maynard's daughter, Ricki, "baggage" behind her back? Baggage is almost never portrayed as something normal on this show, so I understand why Jubilee wouldn't think it is.

In the end, her baggage is just something that makes her (and everyone) human. Finding love on reality TV is something that works for very few people, so Jubilee shouldn't consider things not working out with Ben a score against her. Instead, I hope she thinks it's awesome that she did such a cool and brave thing by going on The Bachelor, because it is.

Oh, and by the way? Jubilee is not hard to love at all, and I hope that one day she finds a person who makes her realize that. Actually, Jubilee is a catch, and Ben would have been lucky to give that final rose to her. His loss!