Ben & Jubilee Had An Honest Talk On 'The Bachelor'

The time has come to say goodbye to my favorite contestant on this season of The Bachelor , Jubilee Sharpe. This badass lady had a difficult backstory: She survived the death of the rest of her family in Haiti and she served in the U.S. Military in Afghanistan. Jubilee also said, like Ben did once, that she felt incapable of being loved and that she felt like she had too much baggage for anyone to want to be with her. Jubilee is probably the most interesting contestant to be on The Bachelor in, oh, at least the last seven seasons, and now she’s gone, gone, gone. Sigh. And, Jubilee's breakup with Ben was almost too real.

She and Ben had an honest conversation before he sent her packing. Jubilee pulled him aside on a group date, and they had a very straight-forward talk about their feelings for each other and how she is just never sure how to feel about being on The Bachelor. Jubilee was obviously pretty upset when Ben told her that he didn’t feel like their relationship would ever progress, but I can’t fault Ben for being honest with her. I would personally rather be told upfront that something isn’t going to work out than be strung along. But, it was kind of uncomfortable and sad to watch.

Ben was pretty shaken up about sending Jubilee home, too, which was nice — it shows that he’s thoughtful about this whole process of being on The Bachelor. I hope that Ben is as honest and kind about splitting up with the rest of the women as he was with Jubilee. There can only be one winner, obviously, and with so many broken hearts on the line, Ben certainly has to handle with care. And, in regard to Jubilee, I hope she finds the man who deserves her, because she is one hell of a catch.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC