Why Kylie Jenner's Recent Makeup-Free Selfie Rocks

It's quite rare to see a Kardashian or Jenner without makeup. You'll certainly never see them on the red carpet without it, but in my opinion, Kylie Jenner seems to be the most likely to appear sans cosmetics. However, Kylie Jenner's recent makeup-free selfie showcases her freckles in a way that's totally body positive.

This isn't the first time that Jenner has gone without makeup, though. Only two days ago, she posted another makeup-free selfie, and she has seemed fairly prone to the pics over her illustrious social media career. However, her recent images are notable if only because it seems as though Jenner has been on one hell of a makeup kick recently — not that she hasn't always been glam. With the launch of her app last year and her insanely successful Kylie Lip Kits, makeup has basically become her thing. Now, though, she's taking a break and celebrating her body, much like one of her famous sisters.

Only a few days ago, Jenner's older sister, Kim Kardashian, posted a nude selfie — minus some strategically placed black bars — in a move that was totally confident and body positive. Seems that body positive bug has now bitten little sister Kylie Jenner. In her Instagram post, Jenner explained that she'd seen comments recently regarding the lack of appreciation for her freckles. She was quick to rectify the lack of freckled posts, though.

Jenner's rocking the au natural look in the image, and she looks stunning. While everyone is accustomed to seeing her rocking perfectly blended foundation with her lip kits, seeing her natural skin is refreshing. Plus, Jenner gets more than her fair share of criticism for looking older than her age thanks to her makeup (even though makeup shaming is never OK). Now, she's looking like her teenage self and embracing her freckles, and I love it.

Like I said though, Kylie Jenner's makeup-free selfies aren't as rare as say, Kim's. Instead, she seems to take to Instagram every few months to show off her natural beauty.

While her freckles may not be visible in every post, there's little doubt that her skincare game must be totally on point.

Her arched brows are everything.

At other times though, Kylie Jenner's no-makeup selfies do embrace those freckles, and seeing her embrace what others could consider flaws is super body pos.

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