What Is 3-D Tanning? Kardashian Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli Spills Her Technique

In case the Kardashians' laborious contouring techniques aren't overwhelming enough already, the family's makeup artist Joyce Bonelli has revealed their newest trick for getting a sculpted face and body. Put down the bronzer, because your new contour routine has become a little more permanent. According to The Daily Mail UK, the Kardashians have started 3-D tanning, which requires a whole new set of products.

You've probably seen people spray tanning six packs onto their stomachs since the early 2000s when that was a thing, and 3-D tanning is basically a modern version of that concept. Bonelli uses a combination of self-tanning products to sculpt the Kardashian family's faces, giving them even more definition, all before evening applying one drop of makeup.

Bonelli starts off with a self-tanning mousse all over to even and enhance the skin's color. Following the all-over color, she applies a bronzing gel using a foundation brush to the Kardashians where the sun would naturally hit (bridge of nose, along the hairline, cheekbones), contouring their faces and giving them more of a sun-kissed glow. When their cheekbones are done, Bonelli finishes the 3-D tan look with dry body oil with a subtle shimmer, applying it to cheekbones, collarbones, and temples for a luminous glow, according to The Daily Mail UK.

Now, if you're thinking, wow, this seems like a lot of work, well, you are correct. To be honest, I think the idea of using self-tanner to give yourself a contoured face is cool, but sort of unnecessary, what with all of the cool and innovative contour kits out on the market. But it definitely makes sense for the Kardashians, who spend their lives being photographed and sharing selfies on Instagram.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious how it'd look in real life.

In the meantime, I will continue to highlight my cheeks with Benefit's High Beam (which is amazing if you haven't tried it) and call it a day.

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