The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Twin Reveal Could Be The Series' Most Surprising Moment Yet

The moment we've been waiting for is finally a week away and it seems like PLL may have dropped some major clues in the promo for next Tuesday's "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars." I. Marlene King confirmed that fans would finally learn the identity of the twin that we've all been theorizing about for the past six seasons and the promo for the episode pretty much revealed that it could be literally anyone. But, what's more important than that, is the fact that this reveal might be even more surprising than the Charlotte reveal. That sounds crazy right? There are a few characters that could be frontrunners for this longstanding mystery, so the only question we're really asking leading up to the finale is: who has a twin on Pretty Little Liars ?

After Jessica DiLaurentis' return on Tuesday night's "Did You Miss Me?" it seems likely that Jessica could be the character with the twin — which would be a major surprise for all of the fans that've been standing by their theory that Aria or another one of the Liars has had a twin for the past six seasons. But, it's also possible that Ali was just seeing a hallucination of her mother and that the twin is still out there, hiding in plain sight.

The other frontrunners, it seems, might be Hanna and Lucas. For one, we really don't know anything about Lucas' family, so it'd be entirely reasonable and possible for the series to introduce his twin. He did just return during Tuesday's episode, after all. And Lucas could be the "he" Ali's talking about when she mentions that she felt someone touching her as she slept in the promo. As for Hanna, the theory that she has a twin has been gathering steam all season and she happens to be the only one of the Liars that's missing from the group when they allegedly see the twin during the 6b finale promo.

Personally, Hanna would be the biggest surprise, even though there have been some potential signs leading up to this in the past. Making a Liar be the character with the twin would be a HUGE twist for PLL — in fact, it'd be the type of reveal we were all expecting when it turned out that Charlotte was A. And, I mean, it's Hanna. If anyone could pull of a reveal like this, it's her.

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Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform