9 Size Inclusive Swimsuit Brands To Support

by Gina Jones 2

Finding clothing stores that cater to both straight and plus size consumers can be difficult, becoming even more of an issue when you and your besties want to have a shopping trip during which you all get to try things on. When it comes to swimwear, it's even harder. But finding size inclusive swimwear brands is a must for the holiday season if you want to support the folks working hard toward inclusivity. Even if most such retailers are online-only, they still provide a fun opportunity for you and your friends to be able to browse the same styles and collections.

In designing swimwear in a variety of sizes, these stores are acknowledging the reality that is the diversity of women's bodies as well as our social lives. Catering to individuals who adore shopping together by not making anyone feel excluded means that both straight size women and plus sizers can be reminded that all bodies are "beach body ready" come swim season.

It might sound cliche at this point, but the only thing you need to do in order to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body. With these size inclusive brands promoting swimwear love for a variety of shapes and sizes, nobody has to feel ashamed or left out on the beach.

1. Black Cat Bikinis

Ice Cream Shop Bow Tie Bottom, $58,

Black Cat Bikinis is the epitome of size inclusive swimwear. Its selections aren't even divided by straight and plus sizes. Rather, all items come in sizes XS through 6XL — meaning the whole squad can buy the same swimsuit and bring girl gang power to the beach.

2. swimsuitsforall

The Globetrotter Bikini, $50.40,

Fronted by Sports Illustrated cover girl Ashley Graham, swimsuitsforall constantly rocks the Internet with body positive ad campaigns. Its selections are typically available in sizes 10 through 24, and are completely beautiful.


Leopard Print Lattice Side High Waisted Bikini Bottom, $31,

Everyone's online favorite, ASOS has been killing the swimwear game for straight and plus size babes for a long time.

4. ModCloth

You Point The Way Swimsuit Top, $49.99,

ModCloth recently launched a collaboration with Liberty London Fabrics and the unique prints can't be found anywhere else. With the addition of vintage silhouettes, many of these styles are perfect for retro-loving babes between sizes XS and 4XL.

5. Boohoo

Laura Mesh Crop High Waisted Bikini, $35,

This British brand has been smashing it with its ever-changing plus size and straight size collections, making staying on-trend at a variety of sizes way easier.

6. Tunnel Vision

Drippy Trippy Bikini, $80,

With a wide range of straight and plus size original designs and vintage pieces, it's totally worth checking Tunnel Vision at least once a week to find awesome clothes in its "new" section. That includes swimwear, because this is probably the only place where you can get a faux fur tiger print vintage bikini.

7. Forever21

Plus Size Stripe Bikini Bottom, $17.90,

Both Forever21's straight and plus size ranges boast a hell of a lot of cute swimwear for your enjoyment.

8. SimplyBe

Sea By Melissa Odabash Classic Swimsuit, $74.99,

I feel like SimplyBe just isn't celebrated as the inclusive brand that it is, but most of its lines run in a wide variety of sizes. This gorgeous snake print swimsuit, for instance, is available in sizes eight to 28.

9. Target

High Neck One Piece Swimsuit, $49.99,

With its latest swimwear campaign featuring none other than Barbie, Target wants you to love your beach body, and its extensive collections in straight and plus sizes only prove as much.

Hopefully one day plus size and straight size stores won't have to be as separate as they are. But with summer fast approaching, it only makes sense to support the places willing to celebrate women's bodies and their many incarnations.

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Images: Courtesy Brands