Should You Cover Up Your Tattoos For An Interview?

You've got an upcoming interview and you're probably thinking about what to wear, how to get there, and what questions you might get asked. For those who have tattoos, you might also be contemplating how to hide your tattoo for your interview.

As someone without a single tattoo, when I first thought about the concept of hiding tattoos for interviews, I was surprised to find myself feeling mildly incensed. Tattoos are unique works of art that are carefully chosen by the wearer. They are often designed especially for the person getting inked and can hold great meaning to the wearer. Tattoos can pay homage to a life-changing event, a joyous occasion, a person, and more. Oftentimes, the wearer will design their own beautiful tattoo as an example of their creative prowess. From this standpoint, tattoos are supposed to be seen; the wearer wants them to be noticed.

Thus, in my opinion, tattoos should never be covered up unless for practical reasons, because to cover them up would be a disservice to the creative soul and personal life experiences of the wearer. I imagine people who have to cover their tattoos up for work feel their creative spirit being crushed.

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Not only are tattoos usually beautiful works of art, but they are also pretty pricey. My illustrated chums have informed me of how much they paid to get their tattoos done and they don't come cheap. I know I would feel mortified at having paid a couple of hundred dollars for a tattoo, only to be told I had to cover it over while at work, which is a huge portion of your waking life.

Although I currently don't have any tattoos, I'm not sure how I'd feel about working for a company that wanted to squash my individuality. Sure, an interview's purpose is for an employer to decide if you're suited to a specific role, but don't forget it's also an opportunity for you to discover if the company is somewhere you'd like to work. If your tattoos are a problem to your potential employer, you can decide if that's a problem for you.

On the flip side, everybody is different and some people may not be as open minded as you and I. On my journey towards a vegan lifestyle, I have learned that people can be very close-minded about certain issues and sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and be patient. If you're going to an interview for your dream job, you might want to err on the side of caution – cover up your tattoo(s), attend the interview, and get a feel for the situation. Sadly, there are certain jobs that still have strict dress codes and if your dream job is one of them, you may have to choose between covering up your ink, or landing your dream career.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, but don't ever feel ashamed of your tattoos and your unique appearance. If a potential employer shames your tattoos, at least they saved you the time of figuring out that they're not someone you'd want to work for!

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