42 Plus Size Swimsuits That Aren't Designed To Make You Hide Your Beautiful Body — PHOTOS

Searching for the perfect swimsuit is often a hassle. And the unnecessary struggle of finding your ideal plus size swimsuit can take anywhere from hours to months for a lot of folks. I can't swim, and I live nowhere near a beach. But nonetheless, I find myself browsing all my favorite plus size stores every spring in the hopes of discovering the perfect bikini, tankini, or one-piece for lounging near the water in come holiday time.

Not only does finding the perfect print or style come down to personal taste, but fatshionistas usually have to consider support, price, and sizing as well. What's a 1XL in one store might be a 4XL in the next, so what's a girl to do? Order 50 different types of bandeau bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms, try them all on in front of the mirror, and then maybe even send them all back?

Having to spend so much time trawling through site after site to find a swimming costume that'll make you feel confident and look amazing come warm weather can get boring fast. But hopefully this list of rad plus swimwear available to shop now will help. Even if you don't end up buying one of these stunning suits, you'll hopefully get some inspiration as to what kind of swimwear you do want to sport. If I'm being honest, I hope to someday own pretty much all the swimsuits below.

1. Retro Bandeau One Piece Swim Dress

Retro Bandeau One Piece Swim Dress, $125, blackcatbikinis.com

This metallic number, available up to a size 7XL, just screams trashy glamour and that's probably why I love it so much. The sun's reflection will not look better on any other swimming costume.

Also try: Miraclesuit Sanibel One-Piece Suit, $174, Macy's

2. Molded High-Waist Mesh Panel Bikini

Molded High Waisted Mesh Panel Bikini, $35, boohoo.com

Although I'm not one for wearing white, this bikini makes me want to consider it. It's perfect for highlighting your holiday tan.

3. The Baroness Swimsuit

The Baroness Swimsuit, $68.60, swimsuitsforall.com

You can check out designer and blogger Gabi Gregg rocking her own design for swimsuitsforall in the latest Ebony Magazine issue. After seeing this queen look so good in it, you won't be able to resist.

4. Bralette Bikini Top

Bralette Bikini Top, $17.90, forever21.com

The latest Forever 21+ swimsuit collection is absolutely killer, as exemplified by this gorgeous blue two-piece.

Also try: Becca ETC Asymmetrical Popover Bikini Top, $98, Macy's

5. High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

High Neck One Piece Swimsuit, $49.99, target.com

Target has been spreading body positivity in its latest swimsuit campaign, and its plus size pieces are really beautiful.

6. Cherry Flower Tankini Top

Cherry Flower Tankini Top, $54.95, torrid.com

I love the peekaboo under the bow of this tankini top. It's a cute detail that makes this retro design a bit more modern.

6. Palm Print High Waist Bikini

Palm Print High Waist Bikini, $31, asos.com

In my eyes, ASOS can do no wrong when it comes to its swimwear department, and this bikini proves it.

7. One Piece Swimsuit In Emerald

One Piece Swimsuit In Emerald, $89.99, modcloth.com

This one's a more classic, modest swimsuit with an emerald hue that is absolutely gorgeous.

Also try: Kenneth Cole Reaction One-Piece Halter, $75.99, Macy's

8. Monochrome Illusion Suit

Monochrome Illusion Suit, $69.99, simplybe.com

Monochrome is on trend and this suit does it perfectly.

Also try: Anna Cole Mesh Combo Swimsuit, $120, Macy's

9. Set The Serene Swimsuit Top

Set The Serene Swimsuit Top, $69.99, modcloth.com

A funky print and it's available in sizes XS to 4XL? That means you and your friends could get matching suits and be total #squadgoals.

10. Caged Detail Bikini

Caged Detail Bikini, $35, boohoo.com

Here's an edgier look, because who said plus size women have to be all retro and rockabilly all the time?

Also try: Becca ETC Crochet Bikini, $94, Macy's

11. Ice Cream Shop Double String Top

Ice Cream Shop Double String Top, $58, blackcatbikinis.com

Because what's more summery than ice cream?

12. Snow Leopard Lattice Side High Waist Bikini

Snow Leopard Lattice Side High Waist Bikini, $31, asos.com

I love when a swimsuit has more than one feature to it. This one sports a print and a lattice effect, making the bikini more fun than most.

13. Black And Purple Tie Dye Print Swimsuit

Black And Purple Tie Dye Print Swimsuit, $39.99, target.com

With a plain black and a patterned front, this swimsuit is a little more subtle for your summertime.

Also try: Anna Cole Printed One-Piece Suit, $120, Macy's

14. Bali Breeze Underwire Skirtkini

Bali Breeze Underwire Skirtkini, $168, swimsuitsforall.com

Swimsuitsforall called upon another celebrity designer — Jessica Simpson — for this piece. I love the bright pattern and any suit with under-wiring is always a thumbs up in my book.

15. Cut Out Bikini Bottoms

Cutout Bikini Bottoms, $17.90, forever21.com

Paired with that zip up bikini top, this army color suit would be perfect for any edgy plus size gal.

Also try: Miraclesuit Zip-Trim Swimsuit, $178, Macy's

16. Ruffled Bikini Top

Ruffled Bikini Top, $47.95, torrid.com

This super feminine two-piece would look perfect at any pool party.

17. Floral High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Floral High Waisted Bikini Bottom, $19.99, simplybe.com

This dainty floral pattern is also super feminine and just plain pretty.

19. Underwire Bikini Top

Underwire Bikini Top, $24.99, target.com

The kind of bikini top that you can mix and match with different bottoms to create a whole new look is a must.

Also try: Jessica Simpson It Girl Underwire Bikini Top, $53.99, Macy's

20. Jungle Print Palm Wrap Bikini Skirt

Jungle Print Palm Wrap Bikini Skirt, $38, asos.com

A stylish print and a cute skirt make this two-piece stand out amongst the rest.

21. Pineapple Print Flounce Bikini Top

Pineapple Print Flounce Bikini Top, $47.95, torrid.com

The flouncy ruffle end of this bikini top makes it so much prettier, while the pineapple design and bright color give off amazing summertime vibes.

22. Retro Bandeau One-Piece Dress

Retro Bandeau One Piece Dress, $115, blackcatbikinis.com

Available up to a size 6XL, here's another super retro style. Who doesn't love polka dots?

Also try: Kenneth Cole Reaction Babydoll Twist Tankini, $82, Macy's

23. High Waisted Geo Bikini Bottom

High Waisted Geo Bikini Bottom, $10, forever21.com

The most on-trend bikini I've seen in a while, this color palette is to die for.

Also try: Jessica Simpson Bali Breeze Bikini, $53.99, Macy's

24. The Madame Diced Underwire Bikini

The Madame Dice Underwire Bikini, $57.40, swimsuitsforall.com

The black and white monochrome detailing on this bikini is the perfect argument for paying attention to the small things.

25. One-Piece Swimsuit In Prism

One Piece Swimsuit In Prism, $104.99, modcloth.com

This one sports an awesome print and killer overall style.

26. Mesh Crop High Waist Bikini

Mesh Crop High Waist Bikini, $35, boohoo.com

Here's another très chic piece, because mesh on plus size women always looks brilliant.

27. Snake Print One-Piece

Sea By Melissa Odabash Classic Swimsuit, $74.99, simplybe.com

I love a classic design combined with a modern detail — like gray snake print.

Also try: Michael Michael Kors Floral Twist One-Piece, $134, Macy's

28. High Waist Ruched Side Bottom

High Waist Ruched Side Bottom, $55, blackcatbikinis.com

As much as I love a good print, this bold red will really stand out. Especially when paired with a tropical flower.

29. Gingham One-Piece Skirt Swimsuit

Gingham One Piece Skirt Swimsuit, $98.50, torrid.com

This is such a pretty design. I truly love gingham and this black and white version is trendy as well as classic.

Try: Lauren Ralph Lauren Polka Dot One-Piece, $119, Macy's

30. Crossover Maillot One-Piece

Crossover Maillot One Piece, $39.99, target.com

What's better than one print? Two prints!

Also try: Lauren Ralph Lauren Printed One-Piece, $119, Macy's

31. Caged One-Piece

Caged One Piece, $38.40, forever21.com

You might get some weird tan lines, but it'll be totally worth it when you look this cool.

32. Black Butterfly Bikini Top

Black Butterfly Bikini Top, $22.99, simplybe.com

Butterflies automatically make me think of summer. Who's with me?

33. Lace Up Cutout One-Piece

Lace Up Cutout One Piece, $29.90, forever21.com

A whole load of different details that come together to make a daring swimsuit? Ideal.

Also try: Michael Michael Kors Hardware One-Piece, $140, Macy's

34. Beachy As ABC Swimsuit Top

Beachy As ABC Swimsuit Top, $59.99, modcloth.com

Tropical print is incredibly in right now. If it works, it works. And this two-piece definitely works.

35. Feather Print Deep Plunge Swimsuit

Feather Print Deep Plunge Swimsuit, $40, boohoo.com

The deep plunge and beautiful pattern make this a more daring two-piece for strutting down the beach in. Prepare for all eyes to be on you.

36. Red Swim Dress

Red Swim Dress, $55, asos.com

This is the perfect swimsuit for going on holiday because as soon as you dry off, you won't have to get changed before food or a few cocktails.

Also try: Swim Solutions Crochet Swimdress, $124, Macy's

37. Scuba Bikini

Scuba Bikini, $169.90, swimsuitforall.com

This just screams "sexy surfer babe," am I right?

38. Criss Cross Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

Criss Cross Halter One Piece Swimsuit, $98, blackcatbikinis.com

This gives me total John Waters vibes. It's the perfect amount of trashy kitsch, and is available up to size 6XL.

39. Ruched Sides High Waist Bikini Bottom In Fantasy Print

Ruched Sides High Waist Bikini Bottom In Fantasy Print, $31, asos.com

This fun print is gorgeous. From pink clouds to pretty white birds, why shouldn't a bit of whimsy make its way into your swimwear?

40. Sheer Paneled One-Piece Swimsuit

Sheer Paneled One Piece Swimsuit, $88.50, torrid.com

The best way to show skin without showing any skin? Sheer panels, which are what help make this swimsuit so dreamy.

41. Tie Dye One-Piece Swimsuit

Tie Dye One Piece Swimsuit, $104.99, modcloth.com

This tie dye effect gives me total '90s vibes. It's the perfect costume for any nostalgic adults out there.

42. Sea By Melissa Odabash Bikini Set

Sea By Melissa Odabash Bikini Set, $67.50, simplybe.com

This print could be meant to resemble anything from marble to butterfly wings. And that's why it's so pretty. The ambiguity of a monochrome print is ace.

Hopefully something on this list has caught your eye and inspired your sartorial tendencies. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll design your own perfect plus size swimsuit. Our options are arguably better than ever, but we could always use some more.

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Images: Courtesy Brands