21 Mesh Pieces For Edgy Plus Size Babes

by Gina Jones 2

There's something about the minimalism of mesh clothing that's always appealed to me. Seriously, health goth-esque plus size mesh clothing is a style that totally screams "chic" while simultaneously making it seem like you've put in no effort into your look. It's an instant sartorial boost for any outfit; and heck, sometimes it's the entire outfit. The sheerness of the fabric may seem especially daring when you're plus size. But to me, it's a source of comfort. It's a way of revealing all without actually revealing all. That thin layer of mesh keeps me feeling comfy while also keeping things sexy and sensual. What could be better?

What I also love about wearing mesh is its versatility. A long-sleeve tee with surprising mesh sleeves? Great. An entirely-mesh dress with a slip underneath for a night out? Perfection. The return of mesh to the fashion world arguably came with Alexander Wang's H&M collection in 2014; and thankfully, the trendiness of the material is still going strong.

You can totally bring some new life into your all-black wardrobe with a new mesh piece (since for whatever reason, almost all mesh clothing comes in black). Or just take the chance on this super chic trend. Regardless, you're going to look great in these plus size pieces.

1. Leggings With Mesh Side Panel

Legging With Mesh Side Panel, $19, ASOS

These leggings can be styled with a crop top and heels for a chic evening. But I think paired with a long vest and sneakers, they could totally be taken straight to a daytime look as well.

2. Mesh Strap Skater Dress

Mesh Strap Skater Dress, $35, Boohoo

These stripy mesh straps don't even seem like mesh at first glance, but they give a beautiful little something to this otherwise plain dress.

3. Polka Dot Mesh Bodycon Dress

Polka Dot Mesh Bodycon Dress, $64, Torrid

I love the shape of this dress. The bodycon silhouette will hug your curves and the cute polka dot mesh hem just adds a little bit of fun to the look.

4. Dead Derby Grrrl Mini Dress

Dead Derby Grrrl Mini Dress, $27, Tunnel Vision

I would've killed for this dress when I was 14 — and my mom would've killed me for wearing it. I love the fun decal, and the cut-outs stop it from looking too young.

5. Geo Mesh Shift Dress With Kimono Sleeves

Geo Mesh Shift Dress With Kimono Sleeves, $29, ASOS

This simple dress comes in cream as well as black, meaning you can rock this look twice as often.

6. Skinny Denim Pants With Mesh Backing

Skinny Denim Pants With Mesh Backing, $68, Torrid

My friend always used to wear jeans with fishnets underneath them, and she looked awesome. These jeans have the mesh built right in, which is less effort for a super cool look.

7. Glitter Lined Mesh Skater Dress

Glitter Lined Mesh Skater Dress, $20 Charlotte Russe

This dress combines two of my favorite things. The glitter stops the mesh from getting too serious, but the mesh stops the glitter from getting too childish.

8. Floral Skater Dress With Mesh Detail

Floral Skater Dress With Mesh Detail, $42, Boohoo

TBH, this dress would be totally cute even without the mesh finish. But that's what boosts it to the next level.

9. Garden Fairy Minx Mini Dress

Garden Fairy Minx Mini Dress, $41, Tunnel Vision

This was probably a nightdress once upon a time, but I love how this blue number has been styled into a totally Courtney Love-esque outfit.

10. Cross Back Dress With Tiered Mesh Skirt

Cross Back Dress With Tiered Mesh Skirt, $56, ASOS

This dress gives me total witch vibes, which is definitely not a negative.

11. Spotty Mesh Detail Bodysuit

Spotty Mesh Detail Bodysuit, $26, Boohoo

The bodysuit would pair well with just about anything, from your fave high-waisted jeans to that mini skirt you've been dying to wear.

12. Next Best Thing Mesh Dress

Next Best Thing Mesh Dress, $75, Tunnel Vision

This sheer mesh dress has the best sleeves ever, and would look equally awesome with a slip underneath. Or you can rock the bra and shorts look, because why not?

13. Mesh Petticoat

Mesh Petticoat, $29, Torrid

Because if you're goth enough to need a black petticoat, why not go for a mesh one? You could even pair this with cycle shorts for an edgier look.

14. Grid Mesh Romper

Grid Mesh Romper, $48, ASOS

I love this unique take on the mesh trend. By combining it with a grid pattern, the mesh gets a completely new type of vibe.

15. Spotty Mesh Detail Skater Dress

Spotty Mesh Detail Skater Dress, $30, Boohoo

I really love polka dot on mesh. It makes an otherwise plain dress totally cute.

16. Black Magic Crop Top

Black Magic Crop Top, $72, Tunnel Vision

The sleeves! I'm obsessed with this top. It's the perfect amount of Halloween and will put all eyes on you on the dance floor.

17. Body Fit Jumpsuit With Mesh Panels

Body Fit Jumpsuit With Mesh Panels, $25, ASOS

Am I the only one who finds wearing skintight clothes super comfortable? Sporting something like this will probably make you feel like you're wearing nothing at all. And the mesh only helps add to the nude illusion.

18. Polka Dot Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

Polka Dot Mesh One Piece Swimsuit, $74, Torrid

Take your love of mesh off the land and into the water in this beautiful swimsuit. The layer of mesh adds a feminine cover to an already well-made swimsuit.

19. Mesh Detail Bandeau Dress

Mesh Detail Bandeau Dress, $30, Boohoo

Again, Boohoo has brought out the stripy mesh. And again, I adore it. The Bardot neckline enhances the horizontal stripes, making this dress perfect for a night out.

20. Sexy Mesh Romper

Sexy Mesh Romper, $31, ASOS

The mesh in this piece allows the romper to have a plunging neckline without actually having a plunging neckline.

21. Mesh Panel Pencil Skirt

Mesh Panel Pencil Skirt, $44, Torrid

I've become a big fan of pencil skirts as of late. I had previously thought that they were a bit too grown-up, but now I realize the sexiness of a good, tight piece. This mesh skirt lets you to have your legs out for a subtly sexy look.

So if you came into this article thinking that black mesh items can't possibly be that different from one another, I hope I've proved you wrong. Mesh is obviously one of the most versatile materials out there.

Images: Courtesy Brands