11 Ways To Know You’ll Be Sexually Compatible

The first relationship is always the most fun, isn’t it? You’re young, you’re full of life, and every experience is new and exciting. There is only one big question that's up in the air: are you sexually compatible? It can be stressful to think about at first, so I’m breaking down all the ways to know you’ll be sexually compatible, even if this is your first relationship.

It’s impossible not to feel like you are in a whirlwind during your first relationship. Things are fun, and your head is perpetually in the clouds. You aren’t worrying about exes, or emotional baggage. All you can think about is how you have (finally) found someone you can connect with in an emotional and romantic way.

But, that being said, it's common to also think about how the two of you will connect on a physical level, too. Will it work? Will the emotions you feel right now translate in the bedroom as well, or will your chemistry fall, well, a little flat? The good news is, if the two of you have a strong and solid partnership and practice open communication, you can learn to tell each other what it is you want, even if your compatibility feels a little awkward at first. But, there are a few signs that indicate whether or not you two have that special spark right off the bat. Here are ways to tell whether or not you will be sexually compatible in your first relationship.

1. There’s chemistry right off the bat

Every time you touch and every time you kiss, you feel that spark. There’s some real potential here.

2. You don’t keep secrets

Honesty is the best policy, both in the bedroom and out of it. If you don’t keep secrets from each other, the door is wide open for some real fun.

3. You both value communication

Your partner is open and honest with you. They know how to communicate, and there is nothing passive aggressive or weird that could be used later in the bedroom against you.

4. You’ve talked about what it is you're both looking for in this relationship

Whether you are looking for something exclusive, or something more casual, you have both discussed what it is you are looking to get out of this relationship together. Be clear before you get intimate about what you want.

5. You feel comfortable talking about your fantasies

Fantasies play a big role in the bedroom, and everyone's are a little bit different. If you have talked about your fantasies and you both feel comfortable exploring new things together, chances are you’re in for some fun.

6. They show they care about you

They put you first time after time, and show you that they care about you more than having just a fling. It’s important to know they have the ability to put others first, especially when it comes to pleasure.

7. Body language is strong, and irresistible

Do you have the flirting and relaxed body language down with each other? That's a good sign, right there.

8. You can't get enough of their smell

It may sound weird, but smell is in fact linked to sexual attraction. Seriously, there's science to back it up.

9. You can’t wait to see this person again

Every moment spent without them is agony, and all you can think about is seeing them again.

10. You feel at ease with your partner

Feeling comfortable with your partner is one of the most important things in any relationship. You feel like you can be you, and being around them is easy.

11. You’re happy

This one may seem obvious, but if you're happy in your relationship, then chances are you're going to be happy together physically as well. Really, you're just happy to be with this person, and can't wait to watch your relationship grow.

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