12 Texts Strong Couples Send Each Other

Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship, and text messages are one of the easiest ways to talk to your significant other nowadays. Because when you text your partner, it's a way of letting them know you're thinking about them. Even if you don't have a lot of time, you can send a quick message from an elevator (or a bathroom, probably a bathroom because we're all gross people with poop-germ covered phones). While you might think of an emoji-ladden text as trite or silly, they can actually be a great relationship tool.

While using texting to express negative emotions is bad for your relationship, using it for relationship maintenance may just bring you closer together. According to Psychology Today research, in hetero relationships, women who text more often feel happier in their relationships and their partners do too — although the opposite was true for men who text more often.

I find that texting is a great way to touch base, especially if you're busy people or one of you travels a lot. I've been traveling around for a month while my girlfriend is still in the UK, and I have to say our texting rates have skyrocketed. It's not the same as face-to-face, obviously, but it's a helpful way to feel connected when you can't see each other, so don't underestimate the power of texting.

Here are 12 texts strong couples send each other, because emojis are serious business.

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1. I Know Today Is Big, Good Luck

When your partner is panicked about a big meeting or interview or just anything stressful, sending a little hello shows that you remember what's important to them and gives them some support, even when you can't be there in person.

2. Thinking Of You

Sometimes a little reminder goes a long way.

3. I'm Sorry

Strong couples have issues too. Maybe you had an actual fight, or maybe you were just in a bit of a grumpy mood or rushed and too short with your partner. Being in a grownup relationship means taking responsibility for those actions and being accountable and your partner will appreciate you having the maturity to do that.

4. I Love You

Some people think that saying "I love you" too much makes it mean less, but it's an important thing to say, whether you're happy, fighting, or just as a reminder over a text message. It never hurts.

5. I Am So Excited To See You Tonight

Who cares if you see them all the time? Letting them know that you still get all of the little sparks of excitement thinking of them helps keep that early relationship feeling alive.

6. I Miss You

It never hurts to say it.

7. I Can't Stop Thinking About Last Night

Or that you're looking forward to something sexy later. If you're into full-out sexting then that can be great too. But if it's not your thing you can allude to sex and it will still get their mind racing.

8. Are You Doing OK?

Are they sick? Stressed? When they're having a tough time a little check-in showing that you know that they need a little extra support can be really appreciated. It's just a good reminder that someone is keeping an eye on you.

9. A String Of Emojis

A strong couple can decipher each other's gibberish emoji-speak.

10. Sorry, Things Are Really Busy Now But Will Reply Properly Later

Sometimes you just don't have time to reply — that's totally understandable. If you happen to have a second to send a "I'm acknowledging this and you and will do more later," it's a great way to just show you're present. Sometimes you won't have the time to do that, but if you do, it's great and you can always send a "Today is going to be mentally busy but I will reply properly when I can!" in advance.

11. Just A Heart Emoji

If you're short on time, a quick emoji is a good "Hey, I love you" substitute.

12. Inside Joke

Sometimes the things you say only make sense to two of you — that's not only totally fine, it's cute and important to have things that are just yours. Just be aware if someone on the train is reading it over your shoulder that they may be very confused.

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