What Does Max Keeble Look Like Now? The Star Of ‘Max Keeble's Big Move’ Is Hard To Find These Days — PHOTO

There are very few child star faces that bring me right back to my childhood more than Max Keeble’s. Maybe it’s that ridiculously adorable smile, or the super ‘90s spiked hair, but something about that kid brings me right back to the better days of Home Alone 3 and, my favorite, Max Keeble’s Big Move. It’s been a while since Alex D. Linz — the man behind Max Keeble — has been on screen, but that doesn’t mean that he’s fallen off the face of the earth. Because, trust me on this one: Max Keeble looks at a lot different from how he looked back in 2001.

We all do, right? Except Alex D. Linz somehow morphed from an adorable little pipsqueak into a full-blown man. And a really attractive one at that. But just because you can’t find him on screen these days — the actor’s last project was in 2007 as Owen Norris in Choose Connor — that doesn’t mean that he has completely stepped out of the limelight. Dig deep enough in the dark depths of the Internet, and you’ll enough clips and pictures of Alex D. Linz to realize that this child actor has done a lot of growing up over the last 15 years.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One thing that I found in my digging was a filmed performance of Linz acting in Jericho Improv, UC Berkeley’s comedy troupe. The “premiere” comedy troupe, according to their Facebook page. Sure, the hilarious video is from 2009, way back when Alex Linz was a student at UC Berkeley, but there are other resources, too, including a Twitter account that may or may not actually be Alex D. Linz’s.

Regardless of the landing page, one thing is very clear from what I found: Alex D. Linz has definitely grown up. And he looks a whole heck of a lot different than he did when he was taking over Hollywood with all of the child-actor charisma and charm that he could muster.

Check out the video and pictures and see for yourself.

Image: 20th Century Fox