Justin Bieber Has A New Piercing

First purple hair and now piercings? This singer is full of surprises! Justin Bieber debuted a nose piercing on Instagram because he’s one to shake things up. In a sexy boudoir type selfie, you can see that there's a tiny diamond stud on the left side of his nose. Is Bieber’s new bling real, though? Or could he just be fooling us? Honestly, if I had to take a guess, I’d say the piercing is permanent.

He’s no stranger to adding to his body art collection — I mean, he does have quite a few tattoos, after all. Plus, he seems to enjoy surprising his fans with new looks every now and then. Remember when he showed up to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards with both of his ears pierced? There’s a flash back Friday for you! Permanent or no, I don’t mind the addition to Bieber’s flawless face, and I think he pulls it off well.

If anyone could go and just get a nose piercing out of the blue, it’d be JB. And now that he’s shown it off on Instagram, it really is too late to say sorry, now. The world’s already seen it, so it better be real. Why toy with our emotions, you know?

It may be tiny, but its impact is powerful for Beliebers everywhere.

What can he say? He's just got a hold on us, and a penchant for keeping us on our toes. Only time will tell if that stud is a permanent part of Bieber's look.

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