Hints That 'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore Is Pregnant

Let the rumor mill continue. For a while now, there has been speculation that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is pregnant. As fans of the Bravo reality series know, Kenya would love to get married and start a family someday. Heck, during a chat on RHOA Season 8 with her current boyfriend Matt Jordan, she even told him that she's looked into freezing her eggs and fertility treatments. On more than one occasion, she's made it clear that she doesn't need a man to have a child, but maybe Matt has changed that for Kenya. With all the rumors circulating, it sure seems that way, which means it's time to take a look at some hints that Kenya Moore is pregnant — for real. Update: Kenya Moore changed her Instagram account to private in the time since the Instagrams below were embedded.

Earlier: The fact that the "Gone With the Wind fabulous" reality star talks about babies a lot on RHOA isn't enough proof. Because she does it all the time, it doesn't really meant that much at this point. So, it's time to dig a little deeper, dive into some interviews, and check out social media to see if Kenya just might be hiding not only a baby bump, but some other pregnancy details.

Obviously, these hints may be nothing at all and I could easily be reading into things, but, hey, never say never when it comes to Miss Kenya Moore.

1. Phaedra Parks Said So

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in February, host Andy Cohen asked Phaedra about an interview with Dish Nation, where she suggested that Kenya was definitely pregnant. Phaedra told Cohen, "That's what I heard from a somewhat reliable source." She admitted that there is no evidence, but that's what she heard.

2. She's Been Hiding Her Stomach

Maybe Kenya just likes to pose this way? Or maybe it's a coincidence? It just seems odd that some of her more recent pictures on Instagram don't show her stomach. Hmm...

3. Her Clothes Don't Fit

In the above video, Kenya discusses how her pants don't fit. Not to mention, she was on her way to a 2016 Oscar party and she couldn't zip up her pants! There could be a logical explanation for this, like she ate too much (hey, it happens all the time to me), she was bloated (ugh, I hate that feeling), or maybe she took her pants to a tailor and they screwed up them. Or maybe it's because she's pregnant. Who knows?

4. She's Really "Thankful"

Either Kenya is appreciative of life in general, or she is "thankful" to be finally be pregnant.

5. She's Not Giving Up On Her Dreams

This could refer to her dreams in general, like getting married, finishing Moore Manor, and building an even more successful career. Or, you know, it could mean she's not giving up on having a baby, because, surprise, she is actually pregnant!

6. She's Building A Nursery

During the RHOA Season 8 finale, it was noted at the end that the "first room" Kenya's finishing up in Moore Manor is a "nursery." Hey, Kenya, what are you trying to tell everyone, huh?

7. She Admits To Hiding Something

So, what do you think her "secret" is? Could it be that she is going to have a B-A-B-Y?

Either Kenya is good at keeping at a secret, or she just really likes to mess with her fans' heads.

Image: Giphy