What's Your Wacky 'Bachelor' Job Description? Take The Quiz & Find Out If You, Too, Are A Pantsapreneur

As any big fan of The Bachelor (like myself) knows, there are a few aspects of the show that pop up every season. There's always some dates that are pretty non-traditional (this year: swimming with pigs and that date where they had to smell each other). There's always a two-on-one date that ends in heartbreak. There's always repetitive use of the words "journey" and "adventure." And there's always some insane Bachelor job descriptions, which, really, are one of the best parts of all. I mean, how you could not laugh at seeing something like "Dog Enthusiast" pop up over and over again under someone's name as if it's a real thing. (Side note: Is it a real thing? Because I'd like to apply.)

During Ben Higgins' season, when it came to these crazy occupations we got things like, Chicken Enthusiast, Cowgirl (which sounds like it could be legit, but Megan didn't stick around long enough to let us know), and my personal favorite "Twin." Which I guess is like being the King of England. You're just sort of born into your job.

If I were to go The Bachelor, my job would be listed as "Website Editor" or "Writer." I mean, I'd argue for something more descriptive like "Bachelor Corespondent," but I think that might be too meta for this show... Anyway, the point is, even though most of us will never go on The Bachelor/ette, that doesn't mean we don't deserve to know what ridiculous occupation best suits us, too. I may never be "Lia B. the Graphic T-Shirt Specialist from Brooklyn" in real life, but that doesn't mean I can't pretend!

To solve this conundrum I present to you:

The "What Would You Bachelor Job Title Be" Flowchart!

With this flowchart (click the link above to play!) you, too, can find out what wacky Bachelor occupation from the show suits you. Are you a Pantsapreneur like J.J. from Andi's season? Are you a Jumbotron Operator like Paige from Sean Lowe's season? Are you a Tailor/Magician like that dude from Desiree's season who you don't remember because, unsurprisingly, she sent home the Tailor/Magician on the first night? Take the quiz now and find out!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC